Why Polka-Dot Man Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

If there’s a reason to give Abner Krill, aka The Polka-Dot Man his own movie or series, it’s as an apology for being turned into a running joke for so long. It’s likely that many Batman fans laughed when they saw that Krill would be making an appearance in the upcoming Suicide Squad along with many other villains that don’t tend to get a lot of respect, but while his dots can do a bit of damage, the character is a bit comical. Why Abner Krill took to crime in the first place is hard to say given that he’s not all that good at it when going up against superheroes and is only marginally better when dealing with regular citizens. He’s one of the many low-level villains that have the kind of tech that’s kind of impressive against those that have no idea what to expect, but is highly ineffective when going up against those that train constantly to take down the heavy hitters within the underworld. Perhaps it’s because he gets little to no respect that Polka-Dot Man would need to be given a limited series at least to help understand the reason behind his foray into crime.

The dots that give him his name, which are attached to his suit, are adhered in a manner that makes them inert while they’re on the suit, but active when he flings them off. What’s cool about this is that his dots can do different things such as enlarge to become a bubble or a flying platform that he can control with a device on his belt, become spinning buzz saws that can do damage, and a few other things. Several dots from his gloves, or perhaps his bracers in the movie, are capable of concussive force, there’s a dot that can mimic direct sunlight and can be used as a flare, and there’s a dot that can be used as a hole, or perhaps a transportation device. In other words, he can be useful so long as he has his dots.

What’s unfortunate about this character is that his end in the comics is pretty much as ridiculous as one would figure since his head is crushed by a flying manhole cover, but it has nothing to do with the Suicide Squad to be certain. That could mean that his fate isn’t sealed quite yet, but as it’s been stated already since the mention of the movie first came around, there will be plenty of deaths and there’s no telling who is going to be standing at the end since a group with the name Suicide Squad isn’t really being given a great chance to come out alive. But as for Abner, it could be that a prequel series or movie could work out and maybe even show him tussling with Batman and Robin in some way so as to give him just a little more in terms of respect. It’s kind of hard not to laugh at a villain that wears a suit that’s bedecked with spots, at least until he starts flinging them at people and creates one effect after another that might be pretty cool.

The upcoming movie is no doubt going to be an all-out race to the finish to see who can survive while accomplishing the mission, and since the squad is bigger this time and features members that are even crazier than those picked for the first movie, it’s bound to get a bit hairy. How Polka-Dot man will fare is kind of up to who he’s standing next to and how plentiful his dots are since if it’s possible for him to run out or at least run low on his brightly-colored ammunition then he’ll become a pretty serious liability at one point or another. He’s pretty easy to laugh at but if he does have a bit of hand-to-hand combat experience it might be that he’ll still be of some use. But trying not to laugh at someone that uses polka dots as weapons is kind of difficult even if the dots do serve a purpose. Perhaps having his own series could allow for a better explanation of this character so that people might be able to take him at least a little bit serious.

The movie version doesn’t feel as though it’s going to accomplish this entirely, but there’s always a chance that David Dastmalchian will put in a great enough performance that finding a way to enjoy the villain will be possible. But then that’s usually when the rug gets pulled from under the audience as a character that people have just gotten used to is killed right before their eyes. Hey, it’s already being broadcast, so there’s nothing to say that even the most recognized villains won’t be getting their tickets punched.

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