Why Did Madonna Really Move to Portugal?

Why Did Madonna Really Move to Portugal?

If you are a fan of Madonna and have wondered where she has been in recent months, the star has now revealed where and what she has been doing. Madonna recently announced that she has moved to Lisbon, Portugal, and this is why she has kept a low-profile in recent months. As one of the most successful female artists of all time, Madonna has a financial status that allows her to live anywhere she wants in the world and she has previously bought homes in many countries across the globe. So, why has she chosen Portugal as her new home?

Of course, there are the obvious advantages of living in Portugal that attract so many people to live in this country. These benefits include beautiful surroundings, a relaxed way of life, a fantastic climate, cosmopolitan cities, pretty villages, and easy access to other areas of Europe. However, is there more to Madonna’s choice of location for her new home than the benefits that others who immigrated to this country enjoy?

Madonna has recently taken to her social media accounts to keep her fans and followers informed about her move. She has said that the location is helping to keep her creative juices flowing. She has said that Portugal is a country with a fantastic energy that she finds inspiring and that the energy makes her feel alive. Madonna then went on to say that she was using this creative vibe to help her create new music. She posted her comments along with a painting of a semi-clad giant woman who is holding an urn and straddling two small islands with a ship passing between her legs.

In a further post, she included a photograph of woven baskets hanging from a ceiling. To accompany the photograph, she wrote, “I used to be a basket case but now I live in Lisbon”. This post was liked by over 84,700 followers and received approximately 2,000 comments.

Although Madonna is now openly talking about the creativity she is feeling in her new Lisbon home and how it is inspiring new music, she has not revealed any information about releasing any music in the future. It will be the first new music she has made since releasing ‘Rebel’, her 13th studio album in March 2015. However, she has talked about her role in a new movie.

When Talking to Harper’s Bazaar, Madonna said that she is currently working on the film ‘Loved’. She says that the movie covers many of the issues that are personal to her or that she has championed in the past. For example, some of the issues included in the movie are gay rights, women’s rights, and civil rights. Madonna claims she is always fighting for the underdog.

Madonna is directing the movie which is based on a novel by Andrew Sean Greer. This is not Madonna’s first directorial project as she also worked on ‘W.E.’. This 2011 movie was about the abdication of King Edward VIII from the throne to be with Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee.


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