Why Nova Deserves His Own Movie or TV Series

Why Nova Deserves His Own Movie or TV Series

Years ago, when Nova was still a lesser-known hero, he was treated kind of like what he was at the time, a brash kid that didn’t fully understand the powers he’d been given. To be fair, some people say that he’s Marvel’s answer to the Green Lantern, and in some ways, that’s pretty accurate. But unlike Hal Jordan, he wasn’t given a ring by a dying alien. The alien that gave Richard Ryder his powers basically willed them towards the earth and hoped that his powers would find someone that was worthy of them. So to be certain, Ryder was kind of lucky to be given the chance. Much like Hal, Richard had no idea how to use his power at first, but he did manage to use them in a positive way when he was able, becoming a superhero until he was called back to the Nova Corps, which had been reborn after being destroyed. From that point on things got better, then worse, and then went back and forth over the years as Richard had to grow into his role as a superhero.

After defending the galaxy for a while though he decided to return home, and was forced to relinquish the Nova powers. He did this and returned home, but as it was discovered, that kind of power can’t just be taken away. Night Thrasher, the leader of the New Warriors, threw him off the top of a building one night to perform a test. What happened was that Richard’s powers activated again and he became Nova once more, but one can assume that he was righteously angry at Night Thrasher, who beat him pretty soundly when Richard attacked. Night Thrasher is one of the many that gets compared to Batman when it comes to Marvel, but the fact is that while he does have money, Night Thrasher is still kind of a lesser character than Batman and not quite as used. But anyway, back to Nova. After regaining his powers he went back to being a superhero and yet it wasn’t too long before he became disillusioned and decided to split the scene. 

Nova is one of the heroes that’s kind of made for a series since allowing him to come and go in the MCU and then head back to his own business would be perfect since it would keep him in the loop when he needs to be and elsewhere when he’s no longer needed or his own personal adventures were more important, kind of like Captain Marvel. Seeing as how the MCU is being pushed into the cosmic arena, Nova would be one of the most perfect characters to bring in to liven things up, and it does sound as though there have those that have been wondering when he might show up. It’s hard to say really since there’s so much going on in the MCU at this time, but it would be grat to see this hero since he’s one of those that might appear to be a little OP, but he does have his limits and he can be taken down by a number of characters that are at the same level he is or close to it. Like any human, Nova has his faults and his disadvantages even with the Nova Force, since he’s still kind of brash and even impetuous and doesn’t always get along with everyone. But over the years he’s proven to be a valued asset to one cause or another, though he’s definitely changed from his early days. 

This is another reason why a series would be great, since it would allow the character to grow and develop as the fans watch and by the end of the series it’s likely that his arc would have played out and he would have been cast in at least one movie. One of the only disadvantages of putting him into a movie is that his life story, which is kind of interesting since he has plenty to do in the Marvel universe, would need to be heavily edited in order to fit into the running time. That means, unfortunately, that the fans that don’t know much about Nova still wouldn’t know that much more by the time the movie was over, and it does feel that this character deserves a bit more than that since he’s been around for a while and should probably be given a little more respect than that. But if Nova is ever brought into the MCU it’s a big hope that he’ll get to be a part of another epic saga that will involve most if not all of the MCU and will be able to show just how powerful he really is. It could happen, but fans are hoping that it WILL happen. 

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