Netflix Orders An Adult Animated Show “Paradise PD” About Terrible Cops

Netflix Orders An Adult Animated Show “Paradise PD” About Terrible Cops

Netflix Orders An Adult Animated Show “Paradise PD” About Terrible Cops

Obviously, animation in all forms is held dear in the hearts of many individuals all across the globe, and has expanded greatly in the many years of the entertainment industry, even adding a variety of animated series that are directed toward adults. With the wide success of these adult based animation series, such as that of ‘Family Guy’, ‘Brickleberry’, and many others, it has been announced that Netflix is actually planning to release a new original animated adult series of their own. The show is set to be called ‘Paradise P.D.’, and will center around the idea of terrible cops. In this article, we are going to give you some of the details that we know about this new and upcoming series that is set to stream worldwide, and what you can expect as well. Let’s get started.

What The New Show Is All About

As of now, we have found out that this new animated series ‘Paradise P.D.’ is going to be brought to viewers by the creators that were behind another popular animated adult series called ‘Brickleberry’ (in case you aren’t familiar with it). The pitch for this series, which has been released by Entertainment Weekly, tells the tale of cops that are bad, but not bad as in cool or no nonsense type of attitude. The cops are just bad, as in terrible at their job, and they are the responders that you would not want to come to your case. Needless to say, its sounds like its going to be a pretty hilarious concept, especially with the issues that we are dealing with in our society today.

What We Can Expect

We just told you the premise behind the series above and what the show will more or less include, but there are some finer details that we have found out about ‘Paradise P.D.’ as well. The show is going to include a small group of police officers, along with their talking dog, as they attempt to take down a drug ring that is happening in their own neck of the woods. The cast that is set to voice these characters is pretty amazing as well, and is including the likes of Tommy Kenny (who voiced the one and only SpongeBob), Sarah Chalke (from ‘Scrubs’), and Dave Herman (who has done many voiceovers for shows like ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and ‘Futurama’). With such a great cast set up and plot line, the show is bound to do amazing on the streaming service.

In recent months, Netflix has announced a bevvy of new original series and other films that are planned to make their debut on the service; However, when it comes to this new animated adult series, there is no set release date that has been named just yet. Either way, you’re going to want to make sure to stay tuned for more details and information regarding this new animated series ‘Paradise P.D.’ as the weeks go by, and get ready to mark your calendars for this release date for sure!

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