Why Nicolas Cage is a must-have for National Treasure: Edge of History

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There’s usually some fuss that arises when a star present for a movie or show is not seen during a continuation or a reboot. The reason for this is that the star, or stars, in question, helped to make the story what it was in the first place and should at least be given some consideration when it comes to the new version that’s been pushed forward. There are instances where this doesn’t matter since people might pass away, they might not be interested, or they might have scheduling issues that don’t allow them to join in the reboot. When talking about the National Treasure: Edge of History series on Disney+, it’s easy to state that finding a new direction to take the franchise is exciting enough, but leaving out Ben Gates, aka Nicolas Cage, feels wrong since not only did he star in the two movies that made this series possible, but he could add a bit of perspective that might save what already feels to be a faltering series that is hard to enjoy due to a few cringe-worthy elements, to say the least. 

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At least one familiar face has appeared, and another is scheduled to show up

Peter Sadusky, aka Harvey Keitel, showed up early in the season, taking on the same role despite the passage of time and the idea that he’s become old and feeble. Sadusky is said to be dealing with dementia, and while this could be true of the character, it also feels like an easy way to dismiss his words when it comes to a hidden treasure, which is real, as the main protagonist soon finds out. Riley Pool, aka Justin Bartha, will be showing up at some point to help perhaps the treasure hunters, which would indicate that they might have read his book (fans of the movies will understand this) or figured out that he was with Benjamin Gates, the noted treasure hunter who helped Agent Sadusky at one time. This could be a clue as to how Cage’s character could show up in the second season, if there is one, to add his expertise to the main character’s to continue the impressive feats that she’s been seen to completion. 

So far, there have been plenty of Easter eggs in the trailers

This was to be expected since National Treasure stands out as one of the many series that would benefit from a look back at the past, especially considering that it has everything to do with the past, given the nature of the average treasure hunt. So far, there have been enough Easter eggs to be noticed, but there are bound to be more to come since Gates’ influence will occasionally be felt as he’s the main character that helped this idea come to life. Seeing Riley appear will be yet another reason why it might be possible to see Gates eventually since this is the man that supposedly has a strong connection to Ben, considering that they risked their lives together a couple of times and were there to discover two of the biggest discoveries in the history of humanity. Riley should be a welcome addition to the show since he might not be the confident presence that Ben Gates is, but he’s still a very knowledgeable individual that has the experience to go with his intellect. 

credit: National Treasure

Nicolas Cage could give this show a little more credibility

Let’s be honest, the individuals in the show are not stupid; they do have skills, and they could be very interesting to watch as things move along. But Ben Gates is the guy many people hoped to see since he was essential to the National Treasure movies. It would be great to see Diane Kruger return as Abigail Chase as well, but whether or not there are scheduling issues or a real desire to return to the treasure-hunting game, it’s fair to think that it will be a surprise if this happens. Ben Gates and his two friends could bring a great deal of credibility to this show that could help it to present an even stronger story that people could fully enjoy. 

The show’s idea is excellent, but the execution is hard to get behind

Watching a continuation of this idea is great since a treasure hunt is always a great deal of fun when it’s presented as a challenge for the main characters to find out the resolution. But thus far, there have been several moments that make one question the dialogue, the plot, and the efficiency of those writing the script. Ben Gates could help this show in a big way, but whether Nicolas Cage will show up eventually is unknown. 

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