Why Martin Payne Was the Best Character on Martin

Why Martin Payne Was the Best Character on Martin

Why Martin Payne Was the Best Character on Martin

To be serious, this decision came down to Martin or Gina since the other characters on this show were good and very much needed in their own way, but they didn’t have as big or as positive of an impact on the Martin show as the titular character did. The only reason that Gina wasn’t the number one pick is that Martin did so much for this show that it has to be recognized that he was the best since he took on so many different characters. Some might find that kind of a silly reason to give him such a designation, but the fact is that he took on a lot of responsibility for this show and made it enticing enough to keep people watching. Martin had the best sense of humor and the overall best presence on the show, while the others did their part and more, but weren’t quite as impressive in one way or another. The show was one of those that a lot of people would readily quote after every episode since Martin was apparently full of one-liners, jokes, and witty quips that a lot of fans picked up and kept in circulation.

The show was one of those that was highly popular for a while but started to dip when it came to public interest since despite coming out strong and having plenty of episodes that were widely appreciated by the fans, the ideas started to look kind of ridiculous and as one could easily guess, the fans were looking elsewhere as more and more shows were coming out that appealed to what they wanted. This has been the downfall of a lot of shows since there are plenty of them that can grab the attention of the fans, but that kind of prompts other shows to do the same in various ways that are hard to contend with given that Martin was a fun and engaging show, but it didn’t really stretch outside of its boundaries that much. Shows that were just as funny but had more flash or more popular characters were bound to top the show, just as they were eventually topped as well.

That’s the nature of show business though, there’s always bound to be someone or something that will come along to outdo what was just done, and it’s something that doesn’t stop since the constant evolution of entertainment is something that people want and will push for without fail. Martin was great for the time period that the show found itself in, but the inability to push past its own borders to become something else while keeping the level of humor it had brought initially was a big reason why it couldn’t go any further. But it does feel as though the cast members might have had other projects to head off to as well since there was plenty going on during the time that Martin was popular, and it’s fair to say that each of the cast members had something bigger and possibly better on the horizon. It likely didn’t help when people were clued in to the idea that there might be turmoil behind the scenes either, as it doesn’t appear that the cast members always got along.

Even this is something that’s kind of common at times since a lot of shows have had individuals that didn’t or couldn’t, or wouldn’t, get along for anything. When the cameras are on it’s not always easy to see the disdain that some folks might have for each other, since the audience doesn’t want to watch a feud unless it’s part of the show. For all intents and purposes, Martin went off without much of a hitch, if any, since the laughs were rather constant and people found a lot of reason to keep watching the show for as long as it lasted. Martin Lawrence was one of the hardest working members of the cast, and it’s fair to think that he was the best character since the story revolved around him, and he managed to keep things interesting more often than not. His fellow cast members were needed without a doubt, but he was the guy that made the show work.

Martin Lawrence’s career kind of took off after this show in a big way, but to be honest he’d been around for a while before it. During the Martin show, however, he managed to really cement the fanbase that helped him to become such a big star. If he’d been an ineffectual or lackluster character on his own show it’s fair to think that he might not have gone much of anywhere after a while. But the fact is that Martin was the best show, and he took that part and ran with it in a big way.

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