Why James Cameron’s Avatar Movies Will Beat Out the MCU

Why James Cameron’s Avatar Movies Will Beat Out the MCU

This is a bold claim to be certain, but it also seems like one that’s bound to come true since Avatar didn’t have to make a return trip to the theater to beat out any other movie. Ryan Scott from MovieWeb makes it known that this momentous occasion was something worthy of note, but once again it also has to be said that Endgame needed that extra bump in the theater to really push itself forward. Now as to whether the Avatar franchise will beat out the MCU entirely, that’s another matter. So far it looks as though it might be primed to do it largely because the world-building in Avatar is every bit as good if not a little better than the MCU, which has the benefit of being able to draw on real-world environments and doesn’t have to build everything from scratch. The Avatar movies absolutely have to be enchanting and able to draw people in or there won’t be much purpose in trying to get people to come in and see them. James Cameron likely knows that if he skimps on even one detail that people are going to be able to notice it and will be likely to seek any excuse to crucify the movies for this.

The MCU has been for over a decade a mainstay for Disney and for those that have been wanting to see some of their favorite heroes reach the big screen for a long time. From the moment Iron Man came on screen to the moment of his demise in Endgame people have been psyched to see every last movie that’s been added to the franchise. The Avatar sequels have been anticipated now for some time and it’s fair to say that by the time the next movie comes out people are going to be willing to flock to the theaters again to see what the Na’vi are up to once again. Plus, given that the main thrust of the story was to remind the humans just whose world it was and why their actions were causing so much harm, it’s now a wonder as to what is going to be in store for Jake and the survivors of the last war. But one thing is very certain, it took Endgame a bit more of a push to really bring up its numbers in order to surpass Avatar.

Stating that the Avatar movies will beat out the MCU is kind of misleading, but stating that they’ll do better on average, per movie, is something that more people can likely get behind since when we look at how many movies the MCU has versus how many the Avatar franchise is likely to push it’s easy to see that by sheer volume the MCU wins. But then let’s factor in how many of those movies have been considered duds in terms of what people think about them and how much they brought in at the box office. Monetarily the MCU would be far ahead since despite the overwhelming popularity of Avatar the MCU has more when it comes to merchandising and more when it comes to the history that’s bolstering it and making it possible for the movies to continue being made. Avatar on the other hand has already shown that it can make more money per film than the MCU, so it’s hands-down the favorite when it comes to individual movies and how much they can bring in. Endgame is the only MCU movie thus far that has managed to surpass Avatar, and while that might make the case that the MCU is greater, I do have to once again point out that the MCU has a humongous back story to fall back on, and a great deal of realism in their settings that makes things just a tad bit easier.

One of the biggest reasons that Avatar will outlast the MCU and possibly beat them movie for movie is that the world that this story is set in is completely fictional and stretches our imagination to the breaking point. In some ways imagination is like a drug, once you get a taste of it you begin to want more, and more, and more. And thus far James Cameron has been able to deliver more than the fans ever thought to expect. If there’s any other reason that the Avatar movies will beat out the MCU it stems from this one, the fact that Avatar simply has to work because otherwise it becomes another science fiction story that we can watch and then dismiss. By making it into an epic that has very clear lines between who is to be trusted and who isn’t, and yet keeping the difficulties between individuals alive and well, Avatar becomes a far more human story than a lot of folks realize.

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