Why Drax Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

There’s so much more to Drax the Destroyer than has been seen in the MCU thus far, and for what it’s worth, what has been shown has been well-liked by the fans, but apart from that, he’s become kind of a joke. The character first appeared in 1973 in an Iron Man comic, so the simple fact that he’s been around for so long should be one reason why he’s worth giving a movie or a series to. Either way would work really since Drax does have an origin story and has had quite a few adventures, but he’s kind of an odd character since he started off as a human, Arthur Douglas, in the comics and was casually killed by Thanos when the mad titan was tidying up loose ends after being seen on earth. Thanos also killed Arthur’s family, but his daughter Heather was taken by the Mentor, Thanos’ father, after it was discovered she was still alive.

Following that, the Mentor enlisted the aid of his own father, Kronos, and created a body that they placed Arthur’s soul into, making sure that it was tough enough to withstand just about anything that was thrown at it and dubbing the new creation as Drax the Destroyer. The goal was to send Drax after Thanos while suppressing his former life, in a sense creating a weapon that would be Thanos’ undoing. The thing is, Thanos has been taken out before Drax could ever get to him, which ends up making him feel that his life isn’t worth anything any longer. The MCU has certainly done what it could to retcon this character in a big way since Drax in the MCU is now a Kylosian that was after Ronan the Accuser, who killed his wife and child, and Thanos was his next target after that. But this Drax is by far and large a dullard and doesn’t feel as though he’s been anything but this since his inception.

It might sound a bit confrontational to say this, but Drax actually had some form of intelligence in the comics before he was turned into a living weapon, while in the MCU he’s such a literal-minded person that he appears kind of dumb, and when he speaks it’s a little more obvious that he actually is a bit dim-witted. But an origin story on him in the MCU would be kind of interesting to see where he came from, what Ronan actually did, and why in the world he hated Thanos as well. Too often it’s felt as though Drax gets pushed to the side and used for comic relief since the only time he really looked like he was doing any good in a fight was in the first Guardians of the Galaxy during the prison riot. In a way, the MCU owes Drax a little more than that since his character was kind of butchered and left as less than what it should have been.

That’s not the only reason really, but it is a good one since a lot of the times this character has been taken for granted quite a bit and it’s easy to think that he should be given a limited series to make certain that people understand the reality of his contributions to the team and why he’s a lot more dangerous than he would appear after watching him in action a few times. The only trouble with this is that the part might have to be recast due to the idea that Dave Bautista isn’t bound to play the part again after the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie since he’s not just getting on in years and expecting his body to start wearing down a bit, but it does sound as though he wants to move on to other roles, which isn’t hard to understand.

Signing on to act out a part in the MCU is a big commitment for some individuals since it means signing on for more than one movie sometimes and such a thing can actually hinder the ability to take on other projects at the same time. In Bautista’s case, he’s been fortunate since he’s been able to act in other movies during his time with the MCU, and he’s been making steady progress over the years. As of now, he’s going to be starring in Army of the Dead, and it does sound as though he has other ideas that might be worth taking a look at. He also accepted a part in the Dune reboot and has been quite busy for a while now. His last stint as Drax is bound to be the last time we’ll see him as the big green warrior, but despite any misgivings, it might be possible to do a prequel series at the very least. It would be intriguing to see how a guy like Drax grew up.

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