Steve Martin and Martin Short Have a Comedy Special Coming to Netflix

Martin and Short filmed the special at the Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina while on their ongoing national tour. So for fans who aren’t able to see the two comedians live, they have this feature to look forward to and more. The special will have all-new material that viewers will enjoy in the form of musical sketches and conversations about their storied careers. Expect the wildest exchanges that encompass their lives in the topsy-turvy worlds of showbiz and stand-up.

If you haven’t watched the clip below yet Steve Martin and Martin Short, both legends in their own right, are coming to Netflix this summer to promote their special. Netflix is certainly drawing in the talent these days as it continues to sit atop the streaming game. Quite honestly it’s now found two of the best comedians to ever take the stage in Martin and Short. The two men have worked together in the past and have proven that they have great chemistry together and can be depended on to put forth a great show. If you don’t remember they were in The Three Amigos with Chevy Chase, and they even voiced the two priests in The Prince of Egypt alongside Ralph Fiennes and Val Kilmer. So they’re no strangers to working together and have managed to make it into something very special.

Their style of comedy is a bit older and a little different from those that you see today, but that’s because they come from a different time when comedy was different as well. Their style is still something unique and fun to watch but they definitely do their own thing and don’t try to keep up with the younger comics. And why should they? Both men have proven their worth dozens of times over through movies, stand up, and other various means that have cemented them as icons in the comedy industry. Their show should be entertaining just because of  who they are, while the laughs will be an added bonus since they are capable of making people hoot and holler while enjoying their distinct sense of humor. A lot of us grew up watching Steve Martin and Martin Short playing it up for the camera, and they almost never failed to disappoint.

Steve Martin however went the serious route for a while and despite still being comedic at times he really took on the role of a more dramatic actor than he’d been known for in a lot of his movies. Even in Roxanne he was the funny guy as well a the dramatic actor. Martin Short on the other hand has done a lot of things in his career, but perhaps Jiminy Glick was one of his more ill-advised roles. Some people liked it, others wondered what in the heck he was doing. But thankfully for both men a lot of people still remember such movies as Planes, Trains, & Automobiles and Innerspace, both which featured Martin and Short respectively playing parts that made people laugh.

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