Why David Silver Was The Worst Character on Beverly Hills 90210

Why David Silver Was The Worst Character on Beverly Hills 90210

The fans of 90210 would have gladly eaten anyone alive back in the day for daring to say anything against one of their favorite characters, but there might have been some of them that could have owned up to the truth that David was kind of a rat that didn’t always belong where he was at. A lot of people have expressed that the character was a sweet guy that wouldn’t hurt anyone and was just trying to be cool, but the one thing that kind of sets him apart is that he was the type of guy for a while that was simply trying to get laid. It’s easy to state that he was young, he was a guy, and he had urges that he was trying to satisfy, but the fact that he dumped Donna after she said she was saving herself is kind of skeezy for anyone to be honest. If that had been all he’d done he would still be a jerk, but considering that as many of the others in the show he was guilty of a few other things, it’s fair to say that it only gets worse from here.

To be fair, David is that kid that wanted to be a part of the ‘in’ crowd so much that he would do or say just about anything in order to make it happen. That includes ditching one of his best friends so that he can go hang out with the cool crowd and try to be a part of their group. Normally a lot of people would just shake their heads and roll their eyes since this is something that happens unfortunately as kids get older. Their interests change, they drift away from their best friends, and things simply evolve as time goes by. But this kind of shift that David pulled is pretty low since he pretty much cut his friend off to be a part of the popular crowd.

Again, if things stopped there then it would still be possible for him to be redeemed, but the guy just kept lowering the bar as he went along since he was horrible to Donna before breaking up with her, and he was horrible to other women as well. He even went and made a sex tape with another woman, which isn’t the worst thing in the world between two consenting adults, but it’s still something that doesn’t really put him in a good light. On top of that, he had sexual relations with a 17-year-old, which is statutory rape. But somehow that got smoothed over since Dylan bailed him out and the girl’s parents said something was wrong with her. Wouldn’t anyone think that might make him even worse of a person for taking advantage of a young woman that wasn’t right in the head? And who in the world are these parents who would say such a thing and let this guy just walk? There was definitely a different vibe going on in Beverly Hills during this show since the whole idea of being rich and/or popular was enough to get people off the hook more often than not. Maybe it was the fact that seeing one of the stars of the show in jail wasn’t a good look that made such a thing happen, but it’s a horrible way to present anyone as a role model.

His DJ skills weren’t exactly up to par either and his lyrics left something to be desired even if by today’s standards they’re kind of tame in a lot of ways. To be certain, David was one of the kids that kind of didn’t belong in the position he found himself in, and he knew it. That was likely why he tried so hard and why some of his failures were pretty low and in some cases downright horrible since the guy simply didn’t know how to deal with people that might have at least thought they were his betters but in reality were little better than he was. His friends were simply better at hiding who they were and what they typically were like. The thing about this show is that everyone had a good side and a bad side, and it was always a toss-up to see which side was going to come out each episode.

Back in the day, David would have been the glorified groupie, the hanger-on that wanted so badly to be popular that the only way he could make it happen was to cling to the cool kids like a leech in order to get them to notice him. He’s not the worst character ever created, but he’s definitely one of the worst on this show, and that’s saying something since Shannen Doherty carried that title a few times during her career.Beverly HillsBeverly Hills

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