Why Tiffani Thiessen Isn’t a Part of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Reunion Show

Why Tiffani Thiessen Isn’t a Part of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Reunion Show

Just in case you haven’t heard yet Beverly Hills 90210 is having a reunion show, kind of, but there are a couple of stars we won’t be seeing on screen again, at least not for the show in one regard. Luke Perry passed away not too long ago and his loss is felt acutely since he was one of the biggest stars on the show, but another face won’t be seen either, and that’s Tiffani Thiessen. Now I know that some of you might be looking at the post funny and thinking that she was a Saved By the Bell actor, and you’re right. But when Shannen Doherty left the show Thiessen stepped in for about six seasons. This time around however she’s going to be busy filming the Netflix series Alexa and Katie, according to Zach Seemayer from ET, and won’t be able to make it. Some folks might miss her, others might have forgotten she was even on the show, but since most of the crew will be coming back it seems as though her absence might be felt but not entirely lamented since the core group, minus one, that started the series will be putting in their appearances.

Ryan Shea of OK reminds us that she came onto the show during season 5, so things were well under way before she made her appearance, but she was also a bit older by the time she dropped in and was ready for something that wasn’t quite as corny, for lack of a better word, as Saved By the Bell had been for a while. If you remember correctly the show had its fair share of ups and downs throughout the years as they added cast members and saw cast members fade off, but for the most part the core group stayed the same save for a couple of people here and there and things went fairly smoothly for a while up until its final episode. Some might think that apart from being literally unable to make the show that it would be kind of a slight to not make an appearance, but Tiffani has assured people that there’s nothing personal about it.

If not for her current contract there’s a good indication that she would have made it back to take her place on the show, but a contract is something that not even actors can get out of easily since the kind of money that a lot of them get paid to honor a contract is something that they can’t just walk away from. Plus, the moment that someone doesn’t honor a contract is when their reputation starts taking hits that they can’t afford since in show business a person’s reputation is something that’s not to be messed with. An actor’s reputation is basically what they bank on at times to get roles and to stay popular with the fan base so that they can keep getting jobs as per the demands of the people. The moment that a person can start chipping away at that reputation, which is done constantly by the media and all those that seek to remind people that celebrities are still human, it’s a slow but steady decline unless the celebrity in question can find some way to make amends. So that’s how important it is to honor a contract in show business, especially considering that it doesn’t take much for people to find fault with celebrities.

Drew Weisholtz of Today seemed ready to think that she might have a cameo coming in the upcoming show, but Tiffani’s only response thus far has been to state that she’s right in the middle of filming and it’s a definite no-go. That does show her level of dedication to a project and her ability to get things done, but people are likely going to miss her all the same, at least for as long as it takes to move on and enjoy the show. During her time on the show it was noted that as she got older she got even more attractive and a lot more popular for a while since she started showing up in movies and a few other spots as well. At this point in her career it would seem that Tiffani was truly blowing up as far as her status went and the sky was the limit. Then things kind of slowed down and she seemed to disappear for a bit now and again only to pop back up and then go away. She was pretty entertaining for a while, but now that she’s getting a bit older she’s definitely shed the younger vibe and has turned into a sophisticated actress that has a lot more substance than ever before and has benefited from the years that have come before. So it’s kind of regretful that she won’t be there, but people will get over it.

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