What the Stars of Shadowhunters Will Be Doing Next

What the Stars of Shadowhunters Will Be Doing Next

What the Stars of Shadowhunters Will Be Doing Next

Freeforms Shadowhunters will be coming to an end with the final episode set to be aired in May on the thirteenth this year. However, the supernatural TV series where the cast battles the fantastic is not the end for the actors. Freeform has stated they are currently pleased with how the series has progressed and how the show has opened up the genre before they made the decision not to renew Shadowhunters for a fourth season.

Katherine McNamara who plays Clary, and the winner of People’s Choice Awards – Female TV Star – is lucky because she has moved to The CW’s Arrow, where she plays the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, who is also the superhero Blackstar. Unfortunately, what she will do after Arrow because that series is also coming to an end, only time will tell, but that will not be the end of this actress. Katherine is set to play in the animated film The Adventures of Bunny Bravo as the voice of Cat. At the same time, production into a thriller named Replicate is going on, and she will play the character Hannah, but in El Tonto, she will play Terry alongside Kate Beckinsale.

In contrast to Katherine McNamara, the actor who plays Simon, Alberto Rosende has officially stopped being a vampire. Rather than play characters who drink blood, Alberto is moving onto producing. In the final series, he will be afraid to hurt anybody around him, after the midsection premiere where he was shown to have accidentally killed Clary, and is now terrified of causing further harm to others with the Mark of Cain. But when the series is finished, Alberto has his role as the executive producer of My American Identity Project. This is a short film based on the American identity.

Nominated for 2016’s TV Scoop Awards – TV Breakout Star – Male which he won, and the winner of 2018’s People’s Choice Award for The Male TV Star of 2018 – both for Shadowhunters, Harry Shum Junior who plays the warlock Magnus has gotten a new TV role after the axing of Shadowhunters.

He will be starring as a self-centered traveler Brendan who gets by on his family’s money. The show, Heart of Life, inspired by the John Mayer song by the same name. The series will be focusing on two people who come from completely different backgrounds, and they will discover they are related, and they will really have to come to terms with what they really think they know about their father. At some point, he will also be returning to his role as Charlie Wu in the new upcoming Crazy Rich Asians movie.

Like his co-stars, this winner of Teen Choice Awards – Choice TV: Sci-fi/Fantasy actor award Matthew Daddario who plays the character Alec has his next projects after the show planned. He will be producing Nomad Cowboys, a documentary on America’s first team for Kok Boru. At some point, he will appear in the feature New York Barkada. This film will give the audiences a glimpse into the life of an artist who lives in the Big Apple, New York City!

Like many werewolves before him from the classic Wolf Man to the werewolves from the Twilight movies, Isiah Mustafa who plays Luke will soon be seen in It: Chapter Two, where he will be playing the grown-up Mike Hanlon which is currently in post-production. His career is certainly still looking up as he has his voice role as Cottonmouth / Frog / Attorney in Robot Chicken in the episode “Strummy Strummy Sad Sad.”

Alisha Wainwright, who plays the character Maia, one of the love interests for Simon, will soon be completely checking off fighting the supernatural, and she will soon be taking on the role of Nicole. Nicole is a single mother in the upcoming Netflix science fiction series Raising Dion which is currently in post-production and will soon be aired. In this role, Alisha will play a single mother who is trying to protect her young son from exploitation after strange superpowers begin to emerge while at the same time she will be trying to investigate where these powers come from and what had happened to her husband, was it an accident or foul play?

Nicola Correia-Damude’s tough mother role will be altered to portray Laura, a therapist with a more kinder, gentler soul than her Shadowhunter’s character Maryse on the Netflix drama TV series Northern Rescue. Nicola will star in an Amazon Prime Superhero series The Boys, as the character Elena. She also has a part in October Faction, a Netflix sci-fi series, where she will be playing Gina Fernandez.

Vampire Raphael’s player David Castro’s next role won’t be a blood-sucking creature who turns into a pile of ash as he will be playing the character Daniel alongside Hector Jeminez, Paulina Gaitan, Paul Rodriguez, and Carmen Salinas in Ruta Madre, a comedy film. The film is about the story of a boy who travels from California to Baja so he can reconnect with his Mexican heritage and discover more about himself – and encountering laughs along the way.

Valentine’s actor Alan Van Sprang will be following co-star Nicola Correia-Damude through to Netflix, however, he will be the antagonist Rick Walker in Northern Rescue. This will not be the end of this former Shadowhunter’s career, as he will be taking part in CBS’s Star Trek Discovery where he will be playing Leland, the head of Starfleet’s shadowy and Machiavellian spy organisation Section 31. His other roles include the upcoming drama Tainted where he will be playing Lance.

When Shadowhunters ends, all of the cast will go on to do amazing things with their careers.

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