Why Razor Fist Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

Why Razor Fist Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

Why Razor Fist Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

Razor Fist is pretty much what he sounds like, a guy with a prosthetic arm that has a blade at the end of it. But unlike his Marvel universe appearance, it would appear that we’re going to get to see him with one normal, working appendage in the upcoming Shang Chi movie. This character is one of the many that’s considered to be a lower-tier individual since his intelligence, strength, and various other attributes aren’t exactly great enough to see him as a massive threat. His fighting ability is what sets Razor Fist apart from so many others, since he’s a highly skilled martial artist that can take on the likes of several other martial artists in the Marvel universe, but is bound to lose more often than not. Amazingly enough in the comics, he’s beaten Wolverine, with some help, but has also been beaten in turn by the mutant. As an enemy of Shang Chi it feels as though he’s going to be upgraded a bit in order to actually contend with the character since otherwise, it’s likely that he would be seen as a kind of throwaway villain that wouldn’t be that appealing but would be a warm body for the lead actor to fight. Given that a lot of people still don’t know much about Shang Chi it’s fair to say that Razor Fist might need to be augmented just a bit to make him last a little longer. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that he’s going to be so tough that he’ll surpass his comic book counterpart in a way that defies expectation, but it would be nice to see him take on the lead character and last for a little while before finally going down. But thinking about giving him a movie or a solo series is kind of a difficult proposition, if only because a lot of people don’t know that much about him.

The idea of giving this character a solo movie might not be the best idea simply because of the fact that he’s not that well-known, but a series that he could be a main part of sounds like something that might help fans to get to know him a little better and perhaps warm to the idea of a Marvel villains movie at one point. Think about it, a gathering of villains to tell their story and, unlike the Suicide Squad, come up with a plan to take on the heroes and possibly take them out. The Marvel villains haven’t really had their own movie or series yet, though of course, that will change with Loki coming out next month. But a villain’s series that focuses on the lower-level bad guys like Razor Fist would be kind of interesting since it would invite their stories into the MCU as something that might offer more of a backdrop to the overall universe, which would definitely be interesting, to say the least. Razor Fist could easily be incorporated into this series and in fact, it could be something that focuses on various villains, explaining their backstories and possibly folding one story over the end of the one before it, connecting them either by a hero, a situation, or something that could keep the story moving along. Obviously if something like this did ever happen it would come along after Shang Chi and possibly well after several other movies and shows had been released. But that could widen the pool of characters to pick from since the MCU is currently rolling out a lot of ideas that haven’t been seen yet on the big or small screen, so it’s fair to think that such a show would be best to begin after another year or so after another several Marvel villains find their way to the MCU.

Introducing Razor Fist to the MCU is going to be interesting most likely since it already sounds as though he’s highly skilled, but still isn’t enough to take down Shang Chi. If he survives the movie it’s fair to say that he should be included further in the MCU, especially since having a wide assortment of villains is usually a wise idea so that the heroes have something to do and someone to fight against. That level of reasoning sounds flawed since peace and harmony are what people strive for, but the comics sell, as do the movies, thanks to drama and the attempts at a resolution that the heroes make to reach a sense of normalcy. If the MCU follows the comics then Razor Fist wouldn’t last that long since eventually he did get killed by Deadpool, but if it goes away from the source material, as it tends to do, the character could stick around for a while and it could be that the might be given further exploration.

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