Scorpion: Quintis Finally Ties the Knot. Walter Professes Love for Paige.


Today is the big day for Toby and Happy. They are finally going to become husband and wife. Though before they can do that, the team has a case. In this week’s episode of Scorpion, the team heads to East Lake, Wyoming to help put out a fire caused by a lightning strike at one of the coal mines, and like always, something goes terribly wrong.

The team managed to extinguish the first fire, but then a second and larger fire erupted. A solution was quickly found and executed in record time, but Walter’s leg is stuck. A cave-in had occurred during the explosion from the electrical charge from the trucks into the sand pit. In the words of the soon-to-be Mrs. Tobias Curtis: Not good.

I loved the scene where Agent Gallo told Walter that he could tell Paige how he feels about her himself once he gets out of the tunnel. That and the scene where Ralph snapped at the genius for firing his mother because he’s a coward who is afraid to tell her his feelings for her. You tell him, Ralph! I do not condone violence, but it’s heartwarming to see the young genius protect his mother the way he did. It’s amazing how the young genius has grown over the course of this series. Keep up the good work, Ralph! I’m sure that once you know that Walter and your Mom have gotten together, you would be over the moon! I know I am!

Speaking of Paige, it had been weeks since her firing from her job as liaison. She is now working at Richard Elias’s company and living the high life. She even has a personal chef and an assistant! I have to agree with Toby that although she doesn’t have a job at Scorpion anymore, it doesn’t mean that she can’t keep in touch with the rest of the team. They’re a family. Then again, Paige was deeply hurt so I understand why she cut off all ties.

Ray also made an appearance in this week’s episode as Paige’s replacement. I know that he has good intentions, but his organizational skills need a bit of work. At least he was able to do his job officiating Toby and Happy’s wedding. Tears of joy aside.

Coming back to the mission, Walter is rescued, but the plane that would take them to Boise left before the team could catch up to it. Everyone was sad that there isn’t going to be a wedding. Paige then surprised them by saying she put together a kick-butt, impromptu wedding at the parking lot of Kovelsky’s Diner. Everything looked beautiful. Kudos to you, Paige Dineen! Happy looked so lovely in her wedding dress, and it’s astounding how much weight Toby lost seeing as he wore his prom tuxedo in place of the Ryan Gosling one he had Walter rent for him.

The sweetest moments in this episode was Ralph’s blue rose, Agent Gallo walking Happy down the aisle and of course, Walter telling Paige how he feels about her. I teared up a little at Walter’s confession of love for Paige. He told her that he’s been in love with her since they first met. Perhaps a certain Devil can follow the same example with regards to a certain homicide detective? I swear, they’re like two peas in a pod when it comes to dealing with emotions.

I laughed my head off when Happy, and Toby snuck off to make out in the supply closet. They opened the door and found Walter and Paige inside. Then Sylvester, Agent Gallo, and Ray came, and the situation got even more awkward. Hey, at least we got Waige back together, that’s a good thing, right?

As the team embarked on a new case to Tahiti, with Happy as the co-pilot, the plane suddenly lost power. Why do I get the feeling that this is going to lead up to something along the lines of either Robinson Crusoe or Lost? Next episode, please!

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