What We Learned from The Series Trailer for “The Hardy Boys”

What We Learned from The Series Trailer for “The Hardy Boys”

What We Learned from The Series Trailer for “The Hardy Boys”

The old stories that a lot of people can remember are taking on a different look as they continue to be unveiled and honestly some of them appear to be getting better than people might remember them to be since The Hardy Boys usually felt like a decent but somewhat muted story that didn’t allow for a lot of what the trailer is already delivering, such as the action and the adventure and the very real danger. But if someone could take the Archie comics and make something out of them it’s entirely possible to see something made out of The Hardy Boys, since it’s already looking like something that will be worth getting into. It’s almost to the point where someone might say that a producer was sitting around thinking that they missed the stories of their youth and would love to see them once again on the small screen, and this is now where we’re at. Riverdale came and people were on board from the start, and now it would appear that it’s The Hardy Boys’ turn to get in there and show that they can do the same thing and thrive on Hulu for a while. So far the show appears to be sticking to what people would expect from the source material since it’s bound to be all about a mystery that the boys will be seeking to solve and it will put them in harm’s way as well.

Nostalgia happens to be a big thing right now since a lot of old ideas are starting to be brought to the fore and movies and TV are the way that a lot of people are deciding to showcase some of the old favorites that people can remember from their younger years. Whether it will perform as intended and keep people entertained is hard to say since a lot of people tend to still love a good whodunit story, while others might need a little more incentive to keep watching. But from the trailer, it does look like something that a lot of people might enjoy since it’s the type of show that looks ready to pack a fair amount of action and a great deal of intrigue into each episode. Some of us might remember reading The Hardy Boys when we were younger, while some might be getting turned on to the idea of it for the first time, but the idea looks like it’s been updated enough to the point where it will be able to satisfy a great number of viewers instead of just a few.

Those that liked Riverdale and a few other similar shows will probably enjoy this one for at least an episode or two if not longer since it does appear to have the same kind of feel to it despite having a couple of slightly younger individuals in leading and supporting roles. That could actually work to the show’s benefit since the whole idea isn’t to make it feel like a kids’ show but to instead make it feel like something that adults and adolescents might like and to keep things serious enough that the danger isn’t just implied, it’s actually something that could be real and might be the kind of threat that viewers could take seriously. Kids’ shows are great and all, but sometimes when the bad guys appear and the situation gets dicey it’s a bit over the top and even a little too corny to watch since things have to be dialed down for younger kids in a big way. Looking at the trailer for this show it feels as though The Hardy Boys will be able to cater to a slightly older crowd that will enjoy the program.

One has to wonder just how many other ideas from the past are going to be brought into the present and given an update so that people will enjoy them again since there are plenty of ideas that folks are willing to entertain when it comes to re-introducing various ideas back to the mainstream. There are quite a few that might be considered to be worthwhile, but there are definitely some that should be left alone if only because they weren’t that popular, to begin with, and might not be the easiest stories to sell. The Hardy Boys are just one of many ideas that, after an update might be the kind of program that fans will find appealing, but we’ll have to wait and see just how true of a statement this is since there’s no telling how people will react to this. It does feel that the show might last for at least a couple of seasons, especially since it would appear that an update was about all the idea really needed to reach today’s audience.

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