Does Invite Only Cabo Have a Chance to Make It?

Does Invite Only Cabo Have a Chance to Make It?

For those who have never heard of him, Larry Sims is someone who started out as a dancer and choreographer in his hometown of Chicago but managed to make a successful transition to one of the most celebrated hair stylists in Hollywood. Something that can be seen in his winning a Hollywood Beauty Award as well as the celebrities included in his clientele, who range from Gabrielle Union and Tracee Elle Ross to Jurnee Smollett and Mary J. Blige. Furthermore, Sims is well-known for his fun and sometimes outlandish wardrobe, which happens to include an amazing selection of hats that are sure to come up at some point on his new reality TV show, Invite Only Cabo.

What Is Invite Only Cabo?

Sims has rented a house in Cabo San Lucas, which is a city that can be found on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California that happens to be famous for its beaches, its resorts, and its flourishing nightlife. Furthermore, he has invited a number of his friends to vacation with him. Even under normal circumstances, this would be a prime recipe for conflict for the simple reason that different people have different preferences when it comes to vacationing, meaning that they will clash over what to do as well as how to do so. However, what is particularly explosive about this particular setup is that the friends know little about one another, seeing as how they were chosen from separate parts of Sims’s life.

According to Sims, this is meant to blend the different parts of his life together, but one cannot help but suspect that he would have been better-served if he had continued to keep these particular friends separate from one another. Then again, this is reality TV, where more drama is good drama.

Can Invite Only Cabo Make It?

It remains to be seen whether Invite Only Cabo will end up becoming a success. Given that there are plenty of viewers for other reality TV shows based on the premise of strangers staying at a place with cameras rolling around the clock, it seems safe to say that it has a realistic chance of success. However, nothing is ever guaranteed – just because viewers are willing to watch one set of people develop their relationships with one another as tensions boil beneath the surface, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be willing to watch another set do the same thing.

With that said, it is worth noting that Invite Only Cabo has already had a stand-out moment from one of the participants, Emily Moses, whose table manners were found wanting by her fellow participants. In brief, she coughed over the food and left guacamole in the salsa bowl. However, the stand-out moment came when she started chewing off her acrylic fingernails before spitting them out onto the floor, which left the other diners less than pleased with what happened. Based on this, it seems safe to say that Invite Only Cabo will have plenty of interpersonal drama as it continues, which is sure to please those who like watching such things.

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