Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s “City on a Hill” – What We Know

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s “City on a Hill” – What We Know

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been known to be by one another’s side for many years now in many endeavors, and this fall they’ll be going in on another project as executive producers for the crime drama titled City On A Hill. The drama will cover the city of Boston in the 1990’s when crime and racism was rampant, showcasing the various problems that were experienced by the citizens and how the criminal element was allowed to run rampant throughout the city until an individual arrived that would turn the criminal world on its ear and reclaim the city. It promises to be gripping drama and a suspenseful look at what was eventually dubbed “The Boston Miracle”.

Here’s what we know about the show thus far.

Affleck was supposed to direct but instead he pulled in director Gavin O’Connor. 

For whatever reason Affleck decided not to take the director’s seat and gave it up instead to Gavin O’Conner, who’s directed The Accountant and has shown a fair amount of promise for the job. Despite the fact that The Accountant didn’t produce a very convincing run at the box office a lot of people still have faith that O’Connor can make this show work and provide an in-depth look at Boston and the troubles it had in the 90’s.

1990 was a violent time for the citizens of Boston, MA.

Though the real trouble started nearly two years prior, the culmination of drugs in the neighborhoods and increased homicides began to tear at Boston’s otherwise serene appearance. The rising crime rate would eventually terrorize everyone as homicides began to rise to an all time high for the city. At one point there were well over one hundred homicides, and a little over sixty youth homicides. It was not a good time to be in Boston, nor has it been forgotten by many of the residents or those that heard about it on the news.

The show will stick as close as possible to true life events. 

Too many shows go on to show a less than historical viewing of events that happened in the past, seeking to find a way to express the feeling of the moment without the need to glamorize the more terrible moments. This was a dark time in Boston’s past and the show is poised to depict just what was happening and what occurred as a result. It will also show how the entire situation was turned around when those in charge started to organize and sought to push back against the criminal elements within the city. It is believed that the show will be far more accurate in its telling and stick mostly to the historically accurate points that were to be found. There will be drama of course, but historically the show should be sound.

City On A Hill should be a stunning look at a time in Boston’s history when things were at their worst and the attempt that was made to remedy this situation.


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