Who Would Win in a Fight: Superman vs All-Might?

Who Would Win in a Fight: Superman vs All-Might?

superman vs all might

Who would win: Superman or All Might? Picture this: you’re in the middle of Metropolis and you see the Man of Steel come racing towards you in his red tights with the underpants on the outside, and his iconic swoop of hair dipping right above his eye-line, as he soars through the towering skyscrapers and the Daily Planet on his way to stop Bizarro yet again. However, you see something – someone – behind him, giving chase to The Last Son of Krypton and catching up to him…fast. He’s wearing a blue suit with white and red accents, as well as yellow gauntlets, and it looks as if he has horns on his head. It’s All-Might, the famous number one hero from My Hero Academia! It looks as though they’re battling it out, but one question remains….who will win?


Let’s take a look at the powers of each super-powered individual and figure out who has who beat in this category. First up is Superman; we know that Superman has a whole list of superpowers available at his disposal, including (but not limited to) heat vision, x-ray vision, superhuman strength, bullet resistance, frost breath, flight, and super speed. The list could go on and on across so many iterations of the character, but I figured that I would boil it down to the main highlights. Now, we take a look at All-Might, who has the quirk One-For-All, which grants him superhuman strength as well as flight. While we don’t exactly know quite yet everything that One-For-All has granted All-Might, we do know that these two abilities are the biggest ones we’ve seen in the series. So I think it looks like this fight is pretty much over as Superman has a lot more abilities compared to All-Might’s selection.

Winner: Superman


When it comes to strength, there’s not many more heroes in the DC universe that can give Superman a run for his money, but what about heroes outside of the world of DC comics? All-Might was known for being just about the strongest hero on the planet in My Hero Academia, and lifted impossible objects with ease in his prime. However, Superman has been known to lift literal planets, so again, I think this is an open and shut case with a pretty clear winner. I mean, come on, Superman can lift planets and All-Might can lift….some heavy rubble? I love All-Might, but we haven’t really seen him do anything with his strength at the level of Superman quite yet, nor do I think we ever will.

Winner: Superman


When it comes to heroes, they are all known for having at least one pretty big weakness. This is especially true for both Superman as well as All-Might. Superman is invulnerable to everything except when he is in the direct vicinity of Kryptonite; once he has been exposed to this space rock, it’s pretty much over for Supes, as it negates his powers and makes him as weak as my body after leg day. In the beginning of the My Hero Academia series, All-Might could only transform into his hero persona for a short amount of time that decreased the more he transformed. After that timer ran out, he was back to his regular old Toshinori Yagi self.  This is probably the toughest section to make as both heroes have incredibly crippling weaknesses, so I’m going to go ahead and say that there isn’t a winner here. Both of these weaknesses are pretty severe and will drastically change the outcome of any fight between the two of them.

Winner: Tie


When it comes to saving people or fighting off bad guys, one of the most important aspects of the fight is how you fight. The number one priority (okay, fine number two after making sure everyone is safe), is making sure you fight with style. Superman, while he most certainly has his moments, tends to fight in a pretty basic manner that doesn’t look too showy for the cameras. All-Might on the other hand, makes it his number one rule to always save people with a smile, which means that no matter how little it is, he’s always fighting in style as he maintains that helpful and hopeful grin plastered onto his face as he continues to save the Earth from all sorts of villains. If there’s one area that All-Might has Superman beat…it’s style points, for sure.

Winner: All-Might

Well, there you have it. Out of these 4 categories: Powers, Strength, Weaknesses, and Style, Superman wins 2-1-1 with a single tie between the two heroes. As much as I love All-Might, I’ve gotta say, I think Superman would mop the floor with him. Deku on the other hand….

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