Who Should Play The Jonas Brothers in an Eventual Biopic?

Who Should Play The Jonas Brothers in an Eventual Biopic?

Some people got in on the whole Jonas Brothers craze over the years and some missed it, but at this point, even though it seems that they’ve gotten back together to renew their act, there are many thinking that the glory days are behind them. Karen Mizoguchi of People indicates that it was Sophie Turner who was instrumental in a way when it came to getting them back together, but unless they change their sound a bit it might be just more of the same. There’s a good chance that they’ll still have a legion of fans that will want to watch them onstage again since obviously they’re not ancient yet and still have a lot of talent. But after splitting for a while it’s going to be interesting to see just how they come back and whether or not they’ll really be able to find the same level of success. After all the music industry is kind of a fickle place and while performers like the Jonas Brothers are well-liked and would no doubt able to get back into the swing of it fairly easily there’s still a lot of competition that’s been coming up through the ranks, enough in fact that they might find it kind of hard to really get the numbers they grew used to a while back. At this point doing their own thing might have been the smarter move, but we’ll have to wait and see. As of now though it might be interesting to see a biopic made of the three brothers so that people could get a better idea of just what they were like growing up and what they went through with one another.

You have to think that it would require guys that look vaguely like the Jonas boys to really pull off such a movie, and honestly  there aren’t a lot out there in show business that might fit the bill. But at this moment the best picks seem as though they’d be Miles Teller, Ezra Miller, and Kit Harrington. Miles could play Kevin, Ezra could take the part of Joe, and Kit could pick up the role of Nick. It’s not a perfect casting by any means, but all three have been proven as great actors thus far in their career and could make it work without a doubt. If you had any doubt just watch Game of Thrones, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Whiplash. These guys have proven themselves time and time again and have earned their stripes and the consideration that it would take to see them enter such roles. Of course their looks aren’t perfect but it would still be one of the best casting jobs, in our opinion, that could be expected. Otherwise it seems that the casting might actually be leaning more towards unknown or little-known actors that really don’t know enough to get the job done. But that’s an opinion keep in mind.

Kit is perhaps one of the best known among the bunch right now thanks to Game of Thrones since his depiction of Jon Snow left people face-palming themselves half the time since he was so unerringly bound by his honor and yet was entirely awesome when it came to battle. He was the penultimate boy scout in some ways since he was all about keeping his word and yet he still wanted to see justice done. Like I just said, he’s the kind of actor that makes you cheer and then makes you wonder what in the heck his character is doing. That might be more the fault of the writers, but in all honesty it’s still great that he can go back and forth in such a manner.

Ezra is kind of a quirky actor that seems like he might fly off the hook at times and possibly be best playing highly energetic or extremely troubled characters, or a combination of the two. So far in his career he’s created a few characters that were extraordinary in how he brought them to life, and as far as his ability to make people believe in him it has yet to really be questioned since he seems to slip into each role without any real trouble. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing a hero or a psychopath or something in-between, he’s one of the best suited for this role.

Miles Teller might seem like an odd choice largely because he’s not all that well-known despite the fact that he’s done a good bit of acting and is quite good at what he does. It could be that he hasn’t been in as many noticeable projects as the other two, but he’s still a solid and very skilled actor that deserves a chance like this.

These three would definitely do the Jonas Brothers justice in a biopic.

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