The Pros and Cons of an All-Female Avengers Movie

Marvel’s Leading Ladies Express Interest in an All-Female Avengers Film

Evangeline Lilly and several other MCU actresses have voiced their desire for an all-female Avengers movie to grace the big or small screen. While this concept could be intriguing for various reasons, it also has the potential to be a colossal mistake, as it could trigger a significant backlash from fans who might argue against its creation. Although there are ways to execute this idea without causing too much controversy, it’s almost guaranteed that some fans would still express negative opinions about the film. This is because an all-female movie is likely to generate strong reactions, especially if it includes jokes or disparaging remarks about men, which could be deemed unacceptable. In other words, the film might spark a heated debate and may not be as well-received as some might hope. However, on the flip side, it could be an interesting movie, as there are numerous skilled and powerful women in the MCU who could potentially come up with a captivating storyline. The question of who they might face in such a film, though, is somewhat amusing for several reasons.

Could the Female Avengers Take on Thanos or Kang?

Evangeline Lilly has mentioned that she would like to see a female team confront Thanos or Kang, with Thanos being her top choice. While this scenario is unlikely to occur unless it’s part of a What If? episode or another alternate storyline, it’s not difficult to imagine that if the group of ladies did battle Thanos without his army, they would emerge victorious. However, facing the Black Order and Thanos simultaneously would be a different story, as even with their combined skill and power, Thanos has demonstrated that he has numerous resources at his disposal and could potentially hold them back or even defeat them entirely. Whether we like it or not, the ladies would still need assistance unless they could devise a strategy that involves bypassing the mad titan’s forces and taking him down in a way that avoids the majority of his army. As for Kang, a master tactician, it doesn’t seem that this team would fare any better on their own than they would with the men by their side.

Do They Really Need a Full Team to Defeat Most Villains?

When examining the most significant damage dealt in the final battle of Endgame, Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel are the two standout names. Captain Marvel not only obliterated Thanos’ ship without breaking a sweat, but she also had him on the ropes until he used the Power Stone against her. Similarly, Wanda would have likely torn the mad titan apart out of spite if he hadn’t ordered his ship’s cannons to fire. At that moment, Captain Marvel could have continued her assault, but Wanda had to defend herself and abandon her attack on Thanos since she couldn’t absorb energy blasts like Carol could. The point is, a female team might be somewhat redundant if Carol or Wanda were present, as they could easily overpower almost any opponent without requiring much assistance.

Addressing the Stigma of Female Ensemble Movies

One aspect of the potential backlash against an all-female Avengers film is the general perception of female ensemble movies. Disliking a movie simply because it features an all-female cast is not a valid reason to dismiss a film. However, the unfortunate reality is that several movies that have taken this approach have failed to capture or maintain the attention of fans, resulting in poor box office performance. It’s difficult to predict whether the same fate would befall an all-female Avengers film, but there are undoubtedly fans who might believe it’s a possibility.

Would a Disney+ Movie Be a Better Fit for an All-Female Avengers Film?

There’s no shame in suggesting that an all-female Avengers film might be better suited as a Disney+ movie that goes straight to streaming. A test movie could be necessary to determine if a full-length theatrical release would be worth the effort. While the concept might be intriguing enough for fans to want it to happen, it still seems that it might not receive the level of acceptance that some would like.

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