Evangeline Lily Would Like to See an All-Female Avengers Movie Happen

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Evangeline Lilly and a few other ladies from the MCU have chimed in on their desire to see an all-female Avengers movie hit the big or small screen and to be fair, it could be an interesting outing for a couple of reasons. It could also be a rather big mistake as there’s already a great deal of backlash waiting to be unleashed should this project ever be advanced beyond the talking phase, as many fans would cite one reason or another that this movie should not be made. There are ways to see it happen without the backlash, but it does feel certain that more than a few fans would still be of the mind to say something negative about the movie since, well, an all-female movie is bound to create a reaction given that any jokes and any disparaging remarks towards men might be seen as unacceptable. In other words, it would likely cause a hefty debate and might not be as well-received as people might want to think. On the other hand, it could be an interesting movie since there are plenty of women in the MCU that are skilled and/or powerful in one way or another and could possibly come up with an idea that might be kind of intriguing to watch. The idea of who they might fight in such a movie though is a bit laughable for a few reasons. 

credit: MCU

The idea of the ladies fighting Thanos isn’t entirely ridiculous, but it does feel as though the mad titan would lose. 

Evangeline Lilly has stated that she would like to see a female team take on Thanos or Kang, but that Thanos would be the most likely in her opinion. It’s not likely that this would happen unless it was a What If? episode or something else that could make it happen, but in all honesty, it’s not hard to see that if the group of ladies did take on Thanos, without his army, they would be victorious. Taking on the Black Order and Thanos at the same time, however, would be dicey since even with the skill and power combined within this group, Thanos has shown that he has plenty of resources at his disposal and could hold them back, if not defeat them entirely. Like it or not, the ladies still need help unless they can come up with a plan that involves moving around the mad titan’s forces and taking him out in a manner that might avoid the majority of his army. Against Kang, however, who is a master tactician, it doesn’t feel that this team would fare any better on their own than they might with the men on their side. 

There are really only two individuals needed from this group to beat a lot of villains. 

When looking at who did the most significant damage in the final battle of Endgame, the Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel are the two big names that come to mind. Captain Marvel not only blasted through Thanos’ ship without stopping, but she had him on the ropes until he used the Power Stone against her. Much like Carol, Wanda would have likely ripped the mad titan apart out of spite if he hadn’t ordered his ship’s cannons to come online. At that moment, Captain Marvel could have kept punching, but Wanda had to defend herself and abandon the torture of Thanos since she couldn’t absorb energy blasts as Carol could. But the point is this, a female team would be kind of ridiculous if Carol or Wanda were around, since it would be easy to see them overpower pretty much anyone without the need for a lot of help. 

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The general feeling of female ensemble movies would no doubt come into play. 

This would be just a part of the backlash that would come, and it would feel incredibly petty since not liking a movie just because it’s an all-female cast isn’t a good enough reason to dismiss any feature. But the unfortunate truth is that several movies that have gone this route haven’t managed to grab or keep the attention of the fans, and have ended up performing rather poorly in the theater. It’s tough to say that the same thing would happen in the MCU, but there are several fans who would no doubt believe that it might be a possibility. 

It might be great as a Disney+ movie, but unless it featured a great premise and a convincing story, it doesn’t feel like it would hit with the same force. 

There’s no insult in saying that it might be best to keep this as a Disney+ movie that could go straight to streaming, especially since a test movie might be necessary in order to see if another full-length movie would be worth the effort. While this might be intriguing enough that fans might want it to happen, it still feels that it might not see the kind of acceptance that some would like. 

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