Who is Horror Character “The Jangly Man?”

Jangly Man

One thing to know about the Jangly Man is that, as Sandy Schaefer from ScreenRant has implicated, he seems to be connected to the book that the trailer shows in the upcoming movie Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. You might think by the title that it would be something along the lines of Goosebumps, meaning it could frighten small children but would seem kind of goofy to anyone else. But one look at the Jangly Man and you’ll know that even young and full grown adults might be close to wetting themselves when this character comes on the scene. So far as anyone can tell he comes when summoned by someone reading from a book telling a series of tales written by a legendary figure that’s considered to be a town myth, and from the scenes that can be viewed so far he’s anything but pleasant when he arrives. Not only is able to contort his body and appear completely backwards and twisted around in multiple ways, but the demonic look of this creature is something that seems fit to stop a heart or two if hew as ever encountered in real life.

The nearest that can be told by just about anyone at this point is that the Jangly Man is a malevolent spirit or perhaps even a demon that is summoned when someone reads the pages of the book. Funny isn’t it how books have so much power in movies? But as Brian Welk of The Wrap might agree his purpose and his reason for existing is hard to figure out at the moment, apart from the obvious menace he poses and the possible pain and horrifying damage he might wreak to any found with the book. It would almost appear as though this tome is something unique and special that binds the Jangly Man in a way and controls him in some manner, though there’s not much being given on this subject at the moment. If anything it would seem that the movie is giving out just tidbits in order to allow fans to make up their own minds as to what might happen and why the Jangly Man is even a component of this story since it would appear that he doesn’t appear under this moniker in the actual book.

In terms of being a movie monster though he’s definitely got the look and the ability to be one of the creepiest things that’s come around in a while. The contortionist aspect he has is something uniquely creepy since quite honestly apart from the scene in IT when Pennywise unfolds himself  from the fridge this guy is nothing short of horrifying. Plus the grin on his face the entire time is something that might set your teeth on edge since it’s the kind of demonic grin that says that the monster is going to fully enjoy ripping you limb from limb, or perhaps peeling your flesh from your body one bloody strip at a time.

Trying to find out that much information on this guy thus far has yielded a lot of the same, there don’t seem to be a lot of writers that have dug deep enough to discover just who he is and what his origins are, which means we’re likely going to have to wait for the movie to come out. Thankfully that isn’t too long since as Josh Millican of Dread Central reminds us the movie will be hitting theaters in August 9th and we’ll be able to cringe in our seats as the Jangly Man begins to stalk his prey without mercy it would seem. One thing that people love to watch when it comes to horror is something that’s beyond the norm and capable of scaring the living hell out of them unlike anything else. Despite the fact that the Jangly Man is mostly CGI he already looks like a walking nightmare that many people will be haunted by for some time to come after seeing him appear on a big screen, but beyond that he could be one of the newer legends that sparks a lot of debate and a very big amount of interest since unlike some of the ‘legends’ that have been created in the past there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hype going into him and that could be highly beneficial since it doesn’t raise anyone’s expectations to an insane level that can’t be met. The Jangly Man is bound to make his way onto the big screen in a manner that will have people jumping in their chairs and ready to bolt at any moment, save for the fact that they’ve paid too much money for their seat to just get up and leave.

We could sit here all day and debate just what and who the Jangly Man is, but until we go to watch the movie it’s going to be something of an ill-kept secret that people will be dying to unveil.

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