David Cronenberg is Going to Remake 70s Film “Crimes of the Future”

David Cronenberg is Going to Remake 70s Film “Crimes of the Future”

Looking back on the movie Crimes of the Future might actually make a person scratch their head and think ‘why?’ when it comes to remaking the movie since while David Cronenberg has been a celebrated director for a while, this story is one that in today’s world might actually be seen as more than a little troubling for its content, to begin with, but also for various reasons that might be derived from the content. People might need to watch the 1970s version or at least read the synopsis since the story is rather disturbing and it heads off in a direction that a lot of people might not want to follow since it does involve a child at some point and a few very intense and less than desirable scenes that some folks might not agree with. Of course, that kind of describes a lot of movies these days, but it does feel possible that this movie could go the extra mile when it comes to being uniquely disturbing. Quite a few things that deal with women and children these days is material that a lot of people would love to see taken down and announced as illicit or perhaps illegal, and I won’t even go into what’s considered harmful in a number of ways by a lot of folks and is usually laid at the feet of white, cis-gendered males. Let’s just say that the subject matter of Crimes of the Future is something that was able to be shown decades ago, and will no doubt be able to be shown today, but is bound to cause a bit of a stir with those that will pay attention without any doubt. It does depend on how Cronenberg will show the movie that makes a big difference, since the gap between implying something on-screen and actually showing it can affect how people react to the material in a big way.

Worrying over what people will think of the material isn’t typically what a lot of directors appear to worry about, but at the same time, it’s still a concern since, in order to make any money on the movies they make, directors have to appease the audience and therefore make it necessary for them to spend the money that will eventually earn the movie’s budget back and help to make it a success. From a box office standpoint, which is all some folks really care about, a movie can be a failure or a success, but when it comes to the critics and the audience reaction, there’s often a very big difference that stems from what the audience saw versus what they were expecting when they put their money down for the experience. This is a lot of conjecture over what COULD happen but isn’t a direct line to say what WILL happen since it’s likely that the remake will be quite a bit different from the original, at least in terms of how it’s depicted and how it will be presented to the general public. I could be wrong though, it could be roughly the same movie, which means that the reaction could be something that we’ll have to wait and see about when it comes to the severity of it or the lack of response altogether. The current social climate is odd to be certain when it comes to various material that is presented to the people since sometimes the slightest indiscretion shown in a movie can trigger those within society that wish to be offended by anything and everything, and then there are moments that are allowed to run as they will without comment and with only a stony, pregnant silence that waits for someone to say the wrong word to birth a heated debate about one issue or another that the movie might have created in the minds of the audience.

At this point it’s a guess as to how things will turn out, especially since the current era is still a grab bag of emotions and responses that are just mulling around, waiting to be triggered and worked up by the slightest thing that comes drifting along. The movie could be made, watched, and allowed to sit as it is without a single reply other than a comment or critique that might give people an idea of what critics and the audience thought. Or it could ignite a firestorm if enough people decide to take offense to it, which does happen from time to time even if it doesn’t change much and ends up stirring up the hornet’s nest that public opinion has become in recent years. Overall, Crimes of the Future might be a movie that is allowed to simply drift in front of and then past society’s continually triggered consciousness, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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