Who Is Bartise Bowden From Love Is Blind?

Who Is Bartise Bowden From Love Is Blind?
Who Is Bartise Bowden From Love Is Blind?

Netflix isn’t only for original shows like Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black. The popular streaming service has been shooting its aim to cater to all demographics. That’s pretty much where Love is Blind comes in. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the show follows single men and women looking for love. But they are not allowed to see one another before they decide whether or not they want to get engaged.

That reality show has had some wild moments and people on the series, including Season Three’s Bartise Bowden. Who could forget the moment when Raven Ross exercised as he was opening up about his childhood trauma? Bowden was far from a fan favorite, as he had some unfavorable moments as well. However, he’s one of the more memorable characters that has come across reality television for some time now.

Bartise Bowden Growing Up

Bartise Bowden

Before becoming America’s favorite villain on Love is Blind, Bowden actually born as Robert Bartise Bowden on July 16, 1995, in Dallas, Texas. The reality star actually had aspirations of becoming a basketball star, and all signs pointed to him achieving that goal in high school. However, his dreams of playing D-1 basketball were broken the moment he shattered his ankle in a basketball game during his senior year.

As you can imagine, Bowden was crushed but then opted to focus on fitness at the age of 20 and became addicted to the process. The 27-year-old would eventually go to college to study accounting. He got an undergraduate and master’s degree from the University of Texas and landed a job as a Senior for a healthcare firm.

Bartise Bowden And Love Is Blind


Apparently, Bowden didn’t even audition for the reality show. The reason he got a spot on the show was because a producer sent him a DM on Instagram about Love Is Blind. Needless to say, he felt that he was a good fit. As audiences saw throughout the series, he didn’t particularly come off in a good light. Some fans have deemed him shallow, arrogant, and immature.

In fact, Bartise tried to steal Raven from SK in the series! The actor did not come across well in the series. He constantly stated how hot he is and tore down Nancy by claiming he was not attracted to her. There have been times when the power of editing made reality stars look bad. But Bowden seemed to fit perfectly the description of shallow, arrogant, and immature. He reflected on his time on the show and understands fan’s perception of him:

I looked like a dumbass, I looked arrogant, insensitive and selfish,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “It is what it is. I can only learn from it. I can only grow it. Watching it back was a blessing to me because when I was going through it, I didn’t have any of those feelings and now I do. Embarrassed and ashamed. This is the villain right here.”

Shortly after, Bartise claimed that he would never sign up for another reality show. Only months later, the reality star was on The Perfect Match. He didn’t look any better there, and some even feel that he was even worse on the Netflix series. His pairing with Abbey should’ve been a match made in heaven, but his indecision about their future made him come off as conceited and cutthroat.

Bartise Is Also A Father

Bartise Bowden 1

Though Bartise Bowden doesn’t come off as the most likable person on these reality shows, it is possible that he’s quite different in real life. To the surprise of many, he announced his newborn son, Hayden. Many were confused because the reality star did Love is Blind and The Perfect Match back-to-back in a six months time span. However, Bowden explained what happened on the Talk’R podcast:

I did Love is Blind, I did Perfect Match, I had a son, and the timeline of all that, how it plays out on camera doesn’t make any sense,” Bowden said. “What actually happened was, I filmed Love is Blind, I had a whole relationship between Love is Blind and Perfect Match, filmed Match, came back, conceived a son.”

Bartise and the mother aren’t together anymore. However, he states that they’re on good terms in co-parenting. At the moment, Bartise appears to be living the single life and is celebrating the joys of being famous due to his various appearances and Only Fans account.

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