White House Intern Group Photo Sparks a Searing “Get Out” Meme

White House Intern Group Photo Sparks a Searing “Get Out” Meme

A photo of an intern group at the White House has sparked a very searing Get Out meme. The reason for this is pretty simple, there’s only one African American in a sea of white faces. Now it’s very easy to understand just why this would be seen as a problem since there’s a serious lack of diversity in this intern group, over two hundred people and only 3 are black, since not seeing it would mean that you were blind. There are some explanations for it that might be found to be reasonable if not acceptable, but at this point voicing them seems like it would be a bad idea.

The Get Out meme is all about pointing out the similarity between this intern group and the movie by Jordan Peele, in which there are few people of color once the film really gets rolling, other than those that are seen as servants. This photo is kind of depressing really since it shows a serious lack of representation by the black community. However, the argument could be raised that there weren’t enough people of color that decided to apply for this internship and therefore there weren’t that many that got accepted. Sometimes it’s better to believe that the conspiracy you want to be true really isn’t and remains the product of a bitter and drama-seeking mind. But then again, if there were qualified black interns that had applied and were bumped for one trivial reason or another then the issue would be one that needs to be addressed.

Stating that this is because of Trump’s influence in the White House is a little too dismissive and way too easy to state. Blaming the man for just about everything is very easy for some people, but unless he’s the one picking out the interns then there’s nothing else to say but that perhaps those people applying didn’t have everything they needed to get in. That sounds kind of wrong but if you really think about it, would you want someone in this position that didn’t earn it? Some of those white individuals might have gotten in by tapping into resource or calling in a favor, it’s sad but it does happen, but it’s also a reality that a lot of these people got in because they were willing to do what the next guy wasn’t, which was go the extra mile to insure that they did in fact manage to get in.

It’s not always a vast conspiracy to keep people of color and from different ethnic backgrounds out. Yes it’s a problem that there isn’t enough diversity, but those that want in need to understand that no matter who’s president, this is the White House, and getting to be an intern is basically getting in the door to something that could further their career. It’s not a place where people can just walk in if they feel qualified. While it would be nice to see a broader swath of diversity in these photos people also want to know that those taking such positions are going to be those that know what they’re doing and aren’t going to stumble their way through the internship.

Seriously, it’s not always about race or color. There is some skill and dedication involved in life.

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