Five of the Lowest Points in Realty Show History

Five of the Lowest Points in Realty Show History

Reality television often proves to be anything but real. Reality shows take real situations and add faux drama to create ratings. Reality television is not new. In fact, the genre has existed since television programming was invented. News, sporting events, documentaries and game shows are all reality TV. However, reality programming has changed over the last 2 decades and today there are many shows to choose from. By taking an unknown cast and taping unscripted scenes, reality TV can become funny, dramatic and often provocative. We’ve seen some low points in reality shows.

Here are five of the lowest points in reality show history.

1. Bachelor In Paradise

This season of “Bachelor In Paradise” hasn’t even finished filming yet, but it may be the lowest point in reality show history. The spin-off of ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” recently suspended shooting until an investigation into misconduct is completed. It turns out that one of the contestants filed the complaint because she was too inebriated when she had sex with the cameras rolling. It isn’t the first time cameras filmed risqué behavior on the part of the contestants, but it certainly is a low point for the show and maybe the entire franchise.

2. Kourtney and Chloe Take Miami

The Kardashian reality show franchise has had many low points that just feel vulgar to viewers. The sisters are always honest with each other and sometimes share a little too much. They do know what shock value is, however. During an episode of “Kourtney and Chloe Take Miami”, upon learning that pineapple juice could make a woman’s private parts smell sweeter, the 2 sisters decided to have a private part sniffing contest after drinking pineapple juice. This took vulgarity to a new level.

3. Dance Moms

There’s nothing more beautiful than a young girl with a dream of becoming a dancer. Dancing is a common hobby for tween girls and Lifetime’s “Dance Moms” follows young girls with this dream. The reality also follows the lives of the girls’ mothers and instructor, often creating volatile situations. “Dance Moms” takes place in the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania dance studio of Abby Lee Miller. Abby Lee Miller is a demanding dance instructor and the reality show pushes her demands to another level. One of the lowest points of “Dance Moms” was Abby’s decision to choreograph a Las Vegas style show for the girls. The episode’s title was “Topless Showgirls” and the girls, aged 8 to 13, appeared in nude colored costumes. The dance was a strip tease. The saddest part is that the mothers of the girls allowed it.

4. Celebrity Rehab

Guiding addicts through rehab is the best thing for them. When they hit their darkest moments, addicts need the support of family and specialists to recover. Reality shows like A & E’s “Intervention” are great ideas except that production crew allows the addict to pursue dangerous situations for the camera. VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab” followed celebrity addicts through rehabilitation at the Pasadena Recovery Center in California. The celebrities recover with the help of professionals including Dr. Drew Pinsky. Sadly, the show often seemed more about drama than concern for recovery. One of the lowest points of the show was when Jeff Conway, an actor best known for roles in “Taxi” and “Grease”. Conway had successfully battled addiction in the 1980’s but relapsed in the mid-2000’s. During the show he revealed a troubled childhood and constant back pain. “Celebrity Rehab” may not have been the best option for Jeff Conway. He struggled through rehab and died of an overdose just 2 years later.

5. Jon and Kate + 8

Several reality shows have followed the lives of young families with multiple births. “Jon and Kate + 8” was one of the first. The Discovery Family followed the birth and one year after of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s sextuplets. The couple also had a set of twins. TLC picked the show up as a series to watch how the young family managed with 8 young children. The show captured the attention of viewers not only to observe the children but also the implosion of the marriage. Jon was seen as the much put upon and criticized spouse of a domineering wife. The lowest point of the show was seen in the tabloids first. Jon began having highly public affairs. The couple had to explain their break up on air and the show became “Kate + 8”.

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