Big Brother 11 US 8-16-09 Recap

Sorry it took me so long to recap last night’s episode. It took awhile for me to shake off the lassitude from sheer boredom.

I had started out with a high level of anticipation due to the spoiler released over the weekend. I didn’t even dream that they would keep that under wraps. Alas, I’m not very good at anticipating what Big Brother will do.

The show opened with Chima’s expected meltdown over Jeff using the secret power that allowed him to put up Jesse and Natalie, sending Jesse packing for the second time in as many years. Jesse was quite rude to Kevin, possibly figuring out that he had voted for Natalie to stay in the house, and snubbed Kevin’s attempt to say goodbye.

Next was fifteen minutes of Natalie, Chima and Lydia bawling over the death… I mean Jesse’s eviction. Kevin’s exasparation while the three cried was hilarious. He pointed out in the diary room that.. HELLO! Jesse put Chima up! He voted to evict Lydia!

How quickly things get forgotten in the BB house.

Russell was convinced that Jeff walked on water, and promised that if he and Jeff were ever up together competing for the POV that if he won, he would take Jeff off. (I really want to trust Russell, but I hoped that he was actually thinking about what he was saying there.)

Jordan, Jeff, Russel and Michelle seemed to be a strategic little foursome. It did my heart good for Michelle to go away from the Dark Side and join up with them. But, with her and Russell’s previous history, it is possible that she is just tolerating him for the now.

The Have and Have Nots competition was called Chaosserole, that had the HG’s working together to be off of slop for the week. Everyone seemed extremely happy to be competing, except for Chima and Natalie. Forgive my humble opinion here, but they sucked. I can imagine the producers cringing every time the camera caught either of them pouting over Jesse’s demise eviction. Lydia wasn’t nearly as bad, but her team goofed on their part. Overall, the players won a BBQ grill, no cold showers, and food for every day but Monday. They lost out on a steak and lobster dinner.

Michelle had visits from both Natalie and Chima in her HOH room. Both were pushing Russell, and Chima made it very clear that she would have enemies in the house if she didn’t put him up. Michelle rallied and nominated Chima and Natalie for eviction.

All in all, not the most exciting episode.

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