Which “Shameless” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Shameless” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Shameless” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Based off a UK-based edgy sitcom (not unlike The Office), Shameless found itself at home here in the states. For 10 seasons, Shameless follows the dysfunctional low-income Gallagher family and their friends/relationships. With a family this size, there’s a Gallagher for just about every zodiac sign! But which barely-functioning member of society is your star sibling? Let’s find out!

Aries – Carl Gallagher

Carl gives very classic Aries. As a child, he’s independent and hyperactive, seemingly unafraid of the dangerous way his family lives. As an adult, he’s a passionate and indecisive young man with a chip on his shoulder. You typically adapt very well to change, Aries, as a fire sign you try not to take things too deeply/seriously. On the flip side, you are intensely passionate, and you can fall in love quickly (looking at you, Carl). Make sure to protect that heart, Aries; a flame burns longest when it’s been preserved.

Taurus – Liam Gallagher

As far as Taurus’ go, Liam is pretty textbook. He’s consistently the most stable thing in his life, and he’s used to his world revolving around chaos. You’re incredible at managing stress and chaos, Taurus, and you are often able to corral the larger personalities around you (much like we see with Liam). You’re not inherently a fighter per se, but you know when it’s time to stand up for yourself or the people you love. Keep up the good fight, Taurus, and don’t think we don’t notice!

Gemini – Ian Gallagher

Ian shows the depths of emotions that Gemini can achieve. You’re often written off as a flippant or ignorant sign, but you actually have a ton of feelings bubbling below the surface. As an air sign, you’re more intelligent than most give you credit for; and you’re a star of socialization. Ian shows us the indecisiveness that Gemini’s often face, challenged by the duality of their own sign. You’re a lover at heart, but you’re not afraid to get messy! Keep that free spirit, Gemini; not all of us can conjure such energy.

Cancer – Mandy Milkovich

As a water sign, you can be as emotionally volatile as they come, Cancer. You’re set apart from your sister signs for your tendency towards passive-aggression, not being attracted to typical confrontation; actually, you avoid confrontation at most costs. Like Mandy, you’re not the greatest communicator, and can often be aloof or naive to your relationships; this is due to your tendency towards a self-revolving world view. You are more than meets the eye, Cancer, and never be afraid to live your full truth; even if it doesn’t match the status quo.

Leo – Debbie Gallagher

Here we go Leo, come for me in the comments. Debbie is an obvious Leo; she loves attention, she is the moment, and she’s the only one who can boss her around. You can often find her using her natural charisma, charm, and sex appeal (very common in Leo’s) to get whatever she wants. It’s natural that she became the head of the house once Fiona had left; Leo’s often take up leadership easily, even if no one wants them to. You are spicy, Leo, but make sure not to burn those around you.

Virgo – Veronica ‘V’ Fisher

V for Virgo; this pairing could not be any more perfect. She’s grounded, practical, analytical, and intelligent; all hallmarks of a classic Virgo. Above all, she’s a relentlessly hard worker who’s extremely dedicated to the people around her (classic earth sign move). She’s the big boss when she needs to be, but she also knows how to listen intently; which is more important sometimes. No one ever appreciates you like they should, Virgo, but we’d totally fail without you!

Libra – Kevin Ball

Kevin is obviously an air sign; we can tell this from his disregard for conventionality and status quo, and his ability to make just about any situation work. Specifically, Kevin represents the support that Libra provides the zodiac signs; in contrast to the other air signs, who typically are self-advantageous. You don’t let anything get between you and the people you love, but that can sometimes put you in danger if the other person isn’t as interested. Make sure they’re worth your time and effort, Libra; otherwise you’ll burn out.

Scorpio – Mickey Milkovich

Who saw this coming? Everybody? Ok. Mickey is such a Scorpio; emotional unavailability, aversion to vulnerability, addiction to sex, and difficulty navigating their own passions, it’s all there. Mickey and Ian work so well together because of the latter’s ability to open up the former (a classic air sign-water sign matchup). Mickey really struggles with his sexuality; which is just one form of self-discovery that is often difficult for you, Scorpio. The aversion you have to vulnerability may keep you comfortable and safe, but it won’t keep you happy.

Sagittarius – Frank Gallagher

Don’t hate me Sag’s. I just call them like I see them. You’re notorious for being hilarious, flighty, and not taking life very seriously. Who else could represent your sign but the scheme-hatching bare-minimum Frank Gallagher? Frank is a Sag on their worst behavior; struggling with substance abuse, disinterest for anything remotely difficult in nature, and running at the first sign of trouble. While Frank doesn’t showcase your incredible warmth and charisma, Sag, he is often able to make something out of absolutely nothing (which is one of your superpowers).

Capricorn – Fiona Gallagher

Logically-focused, responsibility-driven, and a truly undying loyalty to the people she loves; that’s a Capricorn. Fiona shows time after time that she’s committed to her family, but she can’t help her selfish tendencies sometimes (what sets Capricorn from other earth signs). We see her struggle with some of the same things Frank struggles with, and her tendency to see herself as above her family (another Capricorn move). When you make decisions, Capricorn, they are solely yours; don’t be afraid of that responsibility.

Aquarius – Lip Gallagher

Lip is our Aquarius sweetheart. Cynical, quick-witted, charming, and intelligent; Lip represents the full spectrum of Aquarians. He’s also deeply emotional (even when he doesn’t want to admit it), with a savior complex (BIG Aquarius energy), and a desire for some higher purpose beyond the chaos he lives in. He uses every resource at his disposal to get out of the Gallagher household, but eventually stumbles with substance abuse (which can be common when Aquarians become too cynical or disillusioned). Hold onto your rebel power, Aquarius, it’s a unique gift.

Pisces – Monica Gallagher

Perhaps the most emotionally volatile character in the show, Monica represents a lot of negative Pisces qualities. She shirks from most responsibilities, and doesn’t really have an allegiance to anyone. When you’re at your worst, Pisces, you can be a sole wanderer; searching for purpose and validation at the hands of others. You have a tendency towards critically low self-esteem (as we see with Monica), but you don’t really have a mean bone in your body. You make every decision with your heart, even if it seems like you don’t; you’re the wisest of us, Pisces.Shameless

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