Which “The Office” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “The Office” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Even though it’s been off the air for a number of years, The Office is a binge-worthy classic that still has a rabid fanbase. Looking back at the series, you can’t help but wonder which zodiac sign was represented by the colorful cast of characters. While I’m not an expert on The Office (I’m looking at you, superfans in the comments), I’ve been a student of zodiac signs for a long time, and I think I’ve got the skinny on all of your favorite paper employees!

Aries – Andy Bernard

Aries, you can have a short temper. And just like our good friend Andy Bernard, your temper and attitude can get you in trouble. Sometimes you are able to make grand gestures of drama, proclaiming love or standing up for what’s right; and you tend to attract a crowd. You’re a loving and caring person at your core, but feel the need to cover that part of yourself up. You can be insecure about vulnerability, but you’re quite the empath when you allow yourself to be, Aries.

Taurus – Pam Beesly

You’re a rock for the people around you, Taurus. While you may constantly feel like you’re on shifting ground, the people around you would disagree. You’re a consistent friend, and a loyal companion. You aren’t necessarily the life of the party, but that’s because you’ve got too much going on. Forever the ‘mom friend’, you’re a natural caretaker, and your friends would be remiss without you!

Gemini – Kelly Kapoor

Gemini, you saw this coming from a mile away. Kelly is the ultimate Gemini, her attitude and emotions flipping on a dime. As an air sign, you typically do well in the social sphere, but you have a tendency towards manipulation. Above all, Gemini, you’re a lover. You are unabashed and unashamed of your emotions, letting yourself feel every moment, and falling in love hard and fast. Remember to keep a gate around that heart, Gemini, not everyone deserves it.

Cancer – Michael Scott

No one could accuse you of not leading with your heart, Cancer. You don’t make very good leaders because of your expansive empathy for others, but that makes you the best kind of follower and friend. You’re can be immature at times, and passive-aggressive, but your heart will always lead you back to the right decisions. You would do anything for the people you love, and once they understand your love language, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for you, Cancer.

Leo – Jim Halpert

You’re the star of the show, Leo, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re often the leader or the trendsetter, just like Jim, and have charismatic power to help aide in that effort. You’re a natural people-person, and often feel most at home amongst your friends. Beneath the lion’s exterior, there’s some insecurity, but you have to have the foresight to be vulnerable. Opening up to the ones we love is a great way to further connect, Leo.

Virgo – Stanley Hudson

Virgo, you couldn’t care any less about drama if you tried. You’re often naturally funny, and your sarcasm is unmatched (just like Stanley). You’re great at seeing long-term goals (like Stanley’s retirement), and like to plan ahead. You’re a determined and hard worker, but you tend to run at the first sign of trouble. Don’t be afraid to stick it out and stand your ground, Virgo. You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for! *insert “Have you lost ya mind cause I’ll help ya find it!” sound here*

Libra – Oscar Martinez

You are a delicate balance, Libra. You can be loud and outspoken, but you also know when it’s time to listen. You’re a compassionate friend, and the confidante of many, due to your natural warmth around people. You are typically a logical thinker, and don’t let yourself process emotions fully sometimes. You are focused on keeping the world around you running, Libra, but make sure to make time for yourself and your feelings.

Scorpio – Creed Bratton

You are an enigma, Scorpio. Unlike any other sign, you carry an element of mystery and surprise. Every time you open your mouth, much like Creed, we never know what is about to come out. And while you may be no ‘Scranton Strangler’, you can be aggressive socially and romantically, which can intimidate or ward off others. Open up more, Scorpio, and you’ll notice the weight of the world on your shoulders get a little bit lighter.

Sagittarius – Ryan Howard

You can be flighty, Sag. Just like Ryan, you’re a young spirit, with no dreams of commitment, and a wandering soul. You want to travel, to be all you can be, but you can get lost in that quest; unable to remember why you started. As a fire sign, you’re passionate, and never shy away from a little romance (even if it’s as toxic as Ryan and Kelly’s). Remember that roots have to grow somewhere, Sag, and freedom isn’t everything.

Capricorn – Angela Martin

Capricorn, people tend to think you’re boring or stale, but that’s just because they don’t know you. You’re an extremely complex person under all that seriousness, and much like Angela, there’s much more to you than meets the eye. You’re perpetually chasing prosperity, whether that be money, relationships, or career moves. In all your bossing, remember to smile and kick back sometimes. All work and no play makes Capricorn a very dull sign.

Aquarius – Dwight Schrute

I think we all saw this one coming, Aquarius. You were the ‘weird kid’, and still kind of are. You’re confident in your unique interests and knowledge, even when others may not see the value. You’re one of the most naturally intelligent signs, and can often succumb to paranoia when trying to be 2 steps ahead of everyone else (see every prank Jim ever pulled on Dwight). At your core, you’re for doing what’s right, no matter the cost. Just remember that sometimes there’s something to lose, Aquarius.

Pisces – Erin Hannon

Sweet Pisces, you’re a class act through and through. You’re just as sweet on the outside as you are on the inside, but be careful not to let others take advantage of that. Much like Erin, you can get swept up in the tides of your water sign emotions, due to wearing your heart on your sleeve. Breathe through the overwhelming feelings of deep emotion, and recognize that it’s the curse of your empathy for others. Keep being ‘the kind one’, Pisces, it’ll always pay off in the end.Jim Halpert

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