Kelly Kapoor’s Funniest Moments On “The Office”

Kelly Kapoor’s Funniest Moments On “The Office”

Kelly Kapoor’s Funniest Moments On “The Office”

Even though she started on a more simple front on The Office, Kelly Kapoor ( Mindy Kaling) grew to be a fan favorite, channeling a bubbly spirit that brought out the best and worst in her. If she wasn’t being a complete psycho in her complicated on-again-off-again relationship with Ryan, she was serving us the latest celebrity news, explaining how Netflix works, or making an epic music video. Way before she left Dunder Mifflin, Kapoor had one to many funny moments. Here’s a compilation of her best ones yet:

1. The Time She Went On A Diet

When it came to her body, Kelly Kapoor had a number of issues. It showed when she once swallowed a tapeworm that was meant to grow inside of her and eat all her food so that she wouldn’t get fat. On how she would get rid of it, Kapoor pointed out that she would take medicine after a few months to pass it. Even though Creed ( Creed Bratton) denied that it wasn’t a tapeworm, that wasn’t the only time Kapoor went to extremes because of her weight. Holly ( Amy Ryan) was once drawn to Kapoor’s cubicle when she heard her coughing. “ You’re shaking…are you alright?” she asked. Kapoor asked Holly to leave her alone. It turned out that she was on the third day of a cleanse diet which involved taking lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and water for all three meals. It wasn’t doing her any justice since she looked worn out unlike her usual self, but dear Kelly had just bought size two bikinis online and was determined to fit into them.

2. The Time She Said Ryan Used Her As An Object

The relationship between Kelly and Ryan ( B.J . Novak) was perhaps the most complicated one she had. It all began when she and Ryan hooked up, and she couldn’t wait to let Jim ( John Krasinki) know all about it. Even though she was nervous, in her mind,  she now had a boyfriend. Ryan, on the other hand, regretted every bit of that day, given that it was on the eve of Valentine’s. What followed was a rollercoaster that saw them go on again and off again. At some point, Kapoor felt used by Ryan and voiced it in the most hilarious way. Michael ( Steve Carell) and Ryan were going at it, each trying to figure out whether ‘whomever’ or ‘whoever’ was the correct pronoun. The employees chimed in. Creed sided with Michael and said that ‘whomever’ was a made-up word used to trick students. Andy ( Ed Helms) thought differently, and insisted that ‘whomever’ was the formal version of the word. Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) knew the right answer, but he wasn’t going to reveal it because none of them had come to see his band. “ It’s ‘whom’ when it’s the object of a sentence and ‘who’ when it’s the subject,” Pam ( Jenna Fischer) finally said, leading Phyllis ( Phyllis Smith) to agree. When Stanley ( Leslie David Baker), who had been quiet all along, asked how Ryan had used it, Kelly replied, “ Ryan used me as an object.”

3. The Time She Gave Us A Lesson On Talking Smack

Once in a while, we got to experience the shady side of Kelly Kapoor, and she wasn’t coy about letting her inner beast out. When she wasn’t wearing white to a wedding, even though it’s the number one what-not-to-do-at-a-wedding rule, she was giving a list of people she would make out with before Michael, and that included a turtle, anybody from the warehouse, Lord Voldemort, and Kevin. Jim found himself on the receiving end on Kapoor’s shady side when he played table tennis against her then-boyfriend Darryl ( Craig Robinson). During the game, we learned that Kapoor was a smack talker, and not really a trash talker. “ I don’t talk trash. I talk smack. They are totally different. Trash talk is so hypothetical. Like,’ Your mom is so fat, she could eat the internet.’ But smack talk is happening, like, right now. Like, ‘You’re ugly and I know it for a fact because I get the evidence right there.’” Kapoor lectured. Kapoor had a riddle for Pam, clearly aimed at Jim: “ What has two skinny chicken legs and sexy ping pong?”

4. The Time She Tried To Rebrand Herself

In a bid to improve sales, Andy decided to hold a seminar on starting a business. At first, Jim was meant to be his main speaker, but he quit because he knew one of the attendees. Andy’s attempts at getting other employees on board were futile. In the end, he was left with Kevin, Creed, and Ryan to count on. To say that the seminar was a trainwreck is an understatement. Kevin vomited in front of the audience, while Creed’s speech was hard to decode. Kelly Kapoor burst through the door in place of Ryan, introducing herself as his on-again-off-again girlfriend. “ Who am I? I’m Kelly Kapoor, the business b*tch,” she told the audience. Kelly went on to tell us how important it was to brand oneself. “ I have a couple of things in the works; ‘the business b*tch’, ‘the diet b*tch’, ‘the shopping b*tch’, ‘the etiquette b*tch’,” Kapoor said in a serious tone.

5. The Time Training Was B-A-N-A-N-A-S

In her capacity as a customer service representative, Kelly was in many ways fit for the job. First, she could talk so much, that she’d learned to tune herself out. Second, Kelly had been managing her department for several years and learned a lot of life lessons along the way. It didn’t matter that she was the only person in her department. She herself let it be known that she wasn’t easy to manage. Following her expertise in customer care, Michael knew exactly who to call when an error occurred during shipping. He held an emergency meeting where he criticized Creed and asked Kelly Kapoor to train the accountants on customer support. Upon hearing the news, Kapoor was ecstatic. “ This day is bananas! B-a-n-a-n-a-s!” she burst into song, only for the camera to cut to Angela ( Angela Kinsey), who was taking a couple of pills. “ I don’t have a headache. I’m just preparing.” Angela said. Steve Carell

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