Which “Schitt’s Creek” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Schitt's Creek

While Schitt’s Creek ended before most fans were ready, the show gave us 6 stellar seasons; maintaining the fresh and biting comedy that got us hooked in the first place. With the comedic genius of Eugene and Dan Levy at the helm, and Catherine O’Hara absolutely serving as Moira, it’s no surprise that Schitt’s Creek is one of the most popular archived shows on Netflix. So which icon matches your zodiac sign? Let’s find out!

Aries – Johnny Rose

Aries, you’re committed to coming out on top. Much like Johnny, you’re career-focused, and your tendency to cheat the system can unravel things sometimes. You’re passionate and quick tempered, but you’re also fast on your feet, with the uncanny ability to make anything look intentional. While your immature tendencies can erode personal relationships, they often keep you ahead of your enemies. Just don’t be afraid of your own vulnerability, Aries.

Taurus – Moira Rose

You’re a rock, Taurus, that everyone around you will often cling to. You are naturally the most stubborn sign, so change hits you really hard (see Moira adjusting to life in Schitt’s Creek). Like Moira, you have a tendency to be quite aloof and hilarious, even when you’re not trying to be funny. And while change is difficult for you, you often come around to your current situation; proving that home is a state of mind, and no one understands that better than you, Taurus.

Gemini – Alexis Rose

As the first air sign in the zodiac, Gemini, you can be flippant and flaky in the name of independence. You don’t mean it, it’s just a side effect of your air sign sensibilities towards freedom and your immature tendencies. Unlike most, you’re consistently flexible, and can adapt to almost every situation. Like Alexis, you can be self-centered, and tend to attract drama,  because of your ability to curate what you want others to see; which isn’t necessarily the ‘real’ you, Gemini. Let yourself truly go, and bask in the freedom.

Cancer – Patrick Brewer

You’re a natural caretaker, Cancer. You were built for forgiveness and non-confrontational practices. Just like Patrick, you’re someone who puts others before yourself, which can get you run over sometimes. You’re relentlessly dedicated to the people you love, with the ability to tear down others’ walls and level with them. As a water sign, you’re more emotionally-charged, and you’re often a very intuitive empath.

Leo – David Rose

This one was obvious, Leo. David is the icon, legend, and star of this whole thing; so it makes sense that he’s a Leo. He displays the typical self-revolving nature of your sign, while also showcasing your ability to grow from vulnerability (if you allow yourself to). You find yourself in leadership positions often; even if by accident or simple proximity. When you tap into your emotionality, and pair it with your headstrong fearlessness, there’s nothing out of the question for you, Leo.

Virgo – Twyla Sands

There’s no getting you down, Virgo. You understand the highest of all truths; we are in control of our reaction to the world around us. You’re a dedicated and hard worker, preferring to keep your head down and stay out of trouble. You’re self-sacrificing, and you’re the last person to leave when someone needs help. Like Twyla, you’re optimistic, and try to keep the negative parts of your life to yourself. Don’t be afraid to open up, Virgo, it can relieve a lot of the weight you carry on your shoulders.

Libra – Jocelyn Schitt

You’re a delicate balance, Libra; one that the rest of us admire. You’re a master of camouflage, with the ability to blend into any background, person, or thing. You’re constantly balancing 12 things at once, with the tendency to get yourself involved in too much and then bail. Like Jocelyn, you are just trying to keep the craziness around you from boiling over. Remember to take a moment for yourself, Libra, and don’t get caught up in others’ problems.

Scorpio – Stevie

Scorpio, you’re the iconic queen Stevie. You keep nearly everyone at arm’s length, afraid of your own vulnerability and empathy. Feelings can be very overwhelming for you, but you’re usually patient enough to work through them. At your best, you’re charming, funny, and just the right amount of macabre. At your worst, you’re a control freak with intimacy issues. Don’t be afraid of leveling with someone you trust, Scorpio; it can be the difference between happiness and dread.

Sagittarius – Roland Schitt

It’s so obvious to me that Roland is a Sag. Your sign has a reputation for being impulsive and flippant; not really taking anything too seriously. You’re polarizing, and best in small doses, because you can be really high energy and sarcastic. Some people might not have the patience for you, but those who do understand your motives are often very close relationships. As a fire sign, make sure to watch your more immature and petty tendencies, and lead with love, Sag.

Capricorn – Ronnie Lee

As an earth sign, you have a tendency towards short-sightedness and stubbornness. Ronnie shows us how long it can take for a Capricorn to adjust to change, and how biting you can be when you feel threatened. You are confident in your own abilities, and don’t pay much mind to others’ opinions. You’re notorious for having a quick wit and a sharp tongue, so it only makes sense that Ronnie represents your biting humor.

Aquarius – Mutt Schitt

No one could ever accuse you of being a conformist, Aquarius. You’re the original rebel and free-spirit; as shown by Mutt’s humanitarian and ecological motivations. You’re committed to your own independence, especially when you feel like your feelings are on the line. You have a tendency to only speak when you’ve got something profound to say; another habit of Mutt’s. Don’t forget to enjoy life, Aquarius, and don’t focus on the negatives (as you typically do).

Pisces – Ted Mullens

Pisces, you’re just a big sweetheart. Ted is a really great example of an evolved Pisces; he is very giving and empathetic, but he also knows when to put his foot down. He’s pretty confident in his own sensibilities, and is both logical and emotional in decision-making. When you let go of your more self-pitying habits, you can become the ultimate master of your own heart and mind. Don’t let people take advantage of your good will, Pisces, even when it seems like they care.

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