Which “Outlander” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Since premiering in 2014, Outlander has become a staple in the Starz lineup. The steamy historical fiction is based off a series of books by Diana Gabaldon; in which a nurse from WWII accidentally travels back in time to 18th-century Inverness, Scotland. Each character has unique motivations for their alliances and actions, but who represents your zodiac sign? Let’s find out! *Spoilers for recent seasons warning!*

Aries – Angus Mhor

Starting off with a really solid choice here, Aries. Angus, while he may be a womanizer and a drunk, he represents some of the most important Aries traits; determination, passion, pleasure, and tenacity. Angus is ready to go head-to-head with anyone at any time, and despite his small size, he often comes out of fights victorious. You’re ambitious, Aries; and while that’s admirable, remember that you don’t have to save everyone all the time.

Taurus – Jocasta Cameron

You are a rock and shelter in our lives, Taurus. No one shows your stern affection quite like Jocasta. She’s a natural caretaker, as we see her take in the Fraser’s and Murtagh. She doesn’t mind breaking the rules (like hiding a wanted man), and everything she does is in the name of love and care. You can be overlooked sometimes, Taurus, because other signs talk louder or have quicker wits; your power is your patience and durability, so don’t let the opinions of others diminish your gifts.

Gemini – Laoghaire MacKenzie

Don’t hate me, Gemini. It’s just so obvious that Laoghaire is a Gemini. She’s a bit immature, manipulative, and impulsive; all traits associated with a young Gemini. Like you, Laoghaire is passionate and free-spirited, but can quickly get caught up in her hopeless romantic attitude. She does mean well sometimes, but other times? She’s downright malicious. Connect with your empathy, Gemini, and forgive a little more.

Cancer – Murtagh Fitzgibbons

Cancer, you are about as loyal as they come. You take your responsibilities very seriously, and when you’re not being passive aggressive, you can be quite the charmer (in your own unique way). You’ve got more going on under the surface than most choose to give you credit for; both emotionally and intellectually. Like Murtagh, you are a friend to the very end of the line, no matter the situation. You’re naturally forgiving, Cancer, but don’t let people take advantage of your kind nature.

Leo – Jamie Fraser

Leo, you are the main character in most stories. Your ego, courage, and passion tend to make you the loudest voice in the room; therefore, people want to follow. Jamie represents all of that, but he also shows how understanding and quiet Leo’s can learn to be. He’s an excellent listener and partner, and while he still does have moments of impulsivity or immaturity, he always ends up listening to his heart. Stay loving Leo, and you’ll be surprised the amount of followers you can amass.

Virgo – Frank Randall

Frank is a classic Virgo. Analytical, perceptive, grounded, and logical. When Claire returns to the present time, Frank accepts her with open arms; even after she confesses to having an affair and getting married to Jamie (not to mention she’s having Jamie’s baby). A deep understanding of empathy and patience is required to be able to see the bigger picture like Frank, but you, Virgo, possess that scope. Continue to forgive without limit, and good things will always come back to you.

Libra – Brianna Randall/Fraser

Libra, you achieve an internal balance that the rest of us are jealous of. You’re notorious for being able to adapt quickly and ‘go with the flow’. Brianna, in traveling to the past, adjusts much better than any other travelers we’ve seen. She’s kind-hearted, and often can lead with her feelings. You’re great at keeping the louder personalities around you in check, while still having a good time. Keep up that balancing act, Libra, we’d be lost without it!

Scorpio – Dougal MacKenzie

Dougal is so obviously a Scorpio. The younger brother of the head of his clan, Dougal has a lot of pent up aggressions towards Colum. He disagrees with Colum at nearly every turn, and isn’t afraid to speak his whole mind. He has little regard for rules whatsoever, and has tons of layered emotions bubbling beneath his calloused exterior. You represent the anti-hero in all of us, Scorpio; always doing what’s right, even if others say it’s wrong. (In direct contrast to Colum; Dougal’s brother!)

Sagittarius – Rupert MacKenzie

You don’t take things too seriously, Sag; and Rupert is the perfect match for your sign. You can always find him with a drink in his hand, chatting it up with others, and laughing jovially. But it’s not all fun and games; Rupert is one of the most loyal companions in Clan MacKenzie, willing to break Colum’s rules to help Dougal and Jamie. You’re the original ‘ride or die’ friend, Sag, and we hope you never lose your unique sparkle!

Capricorn – Colum MacKenzie

The calloused head of Clan MacKenzie is a great representation of you sign, Capricorn. His first priority is the safety of his clan, and keeping everything running. He’s a great leader, but his cold and emotionless nature can separate him from his followers. You’re always trying to do the right thing, Capricorn, but sometimes you have to break rules to do the right thing. Don’t be afraid of consequences, and you can become the best version of yourself.

Aquarius – Claire Randall Fraser

Who else could represent the rebel sign like Claire? From the moment we meet her, we find out she’s a WWII trauma nurse in the Pacific theatre; this tells us that she thrives in high stress environments, is a humanitarian at heart, and craves intellectual stimulation (all classic Aquarius moves). While your self-satisfaction can get you into trouble, you’re one of the toughest out there, Aquarius, in mind, body, and spirit.

Pisces – Geillis Duncan

Pisces, you represent the gift of empathy. Few have a bigger heart than Geillis, who selflessly sacrifices herself so that Jamie and Claire can escape; after which she’s put to death for being a witch. From the beginning, she’s one of the only characters that is kind to Claire, and befriends her quickly. You can get caught up in your emotions, Pisces, but if you learn how to project them, they are your greatest strength.

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