Which “Big Bang Theory” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Big Bang Theory” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Big Bang Theory” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

After premiering in 2007, Big Bang Theory became an immediate classic in CBS’s primetime lineup. With the ardent fanbase the show had, it was able to produce 12 stellar seasons; now becoming one of the most streamed live-action sitcoms in recent TV history. While it’s fair to say that each of the characters on the show is a total nerd (besides Penny, of course), they also have their nuanced differences that point to their possible zodiac sign. So which of these super-geniuses represents your sign? Find out below!

Aries- Wil Wheaton

Once Sheldon’s enemy, Wil represents the Aries sign. He’s impulsive, aggressive, and intelligent; one of the only people to ever ‘best’ Sheldon. He’s highly accomplished, showing that he’s also ambitious (another Aries trait). You can keep your feelings on the DL, Aries, but people would feel like they knew you better if you decided to open up instead of fight back in defense.

Taurus- Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard has been there for Sheldon and Penny and Raj and Howard since the very beginning. He doesn’t often think about his own good will before thinking about what’s best for his friends. He’s a constant force in the group’s life, reliable and scheduled, keeping things less chaotic than they would be without him. You’re ridiculously loyal, Taurus, and don’t ever give that up.

Gemini- Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy is a great Gemini character. Her entire arc in the series is her deciding whether she should settle down with Sheldon or pursue her career. In true Gemini fashion, she isn’t very good at making decisions; especially if they’re on a clock or impromptu. You can be both funny and serious at times, Gemini; and most fascinatingly, you can do both at the same time without even trying.

Cancer- Raj Koothrappali

Sweet, Raj. With his anxious tendencies, practical and pessimistic attitude, and obvious love for the people around him; he’s giving big Cancer energy. He’s a people pleaser by nature (see his relationship with his family), and he’s often the peacekeeper of the ground when the larger personalities start to get out of hand. Keep leading with love, Cancer, and you’ll never be led astray.

Leo- Penny

We knew this one was coming. Penny is the textbook Leo woman. She takes great pride in her image, has no problem charming and hooking up with guys, and she’s so self-confident in her dream; that could only be a Leo. While she can be aloof and self-absorbed at times, she typically has kindness in her heart. If you can stay away from getting wrapped up in your own problems, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish, Leo.

Virgo- Leslie Winkle

You’re a logical breed, Virgo. You really just don’t have time to play games with people. We see Leslie as someone who is relentlessly straight-forward and brutally honest. While your authentic confidence and decision-making can intimidate others, don’t let that stop you from getting your shine on. People either want to be you or be with you; honestly, maybe both.

Libra- Priya Koothrappali

‘Mom Friend’ Alert! Don’t get me wrong, Priya is a total baddie who is stunningly beautiful and seems to have her whole life together; but, you can’t tell me she’s not carrying gum or mints in her purse. That’s not just ‘Mom Friend’ behavior, that’s ‘Grandma Friend’ behavior. You’re completely committed to logic and facts, Libra, and that’s why you’ll always beat the rest of us in an argument.

Scorpio- Howard Wolowitz

Howard might not strike you as the typical Scorpio, but it’s hidden under a few layers of his personality (classic Scorpio). He’s never going to show you his cards unless it will benefit him at some point, because Scorpio’s are legendary for not only keep secrets, but at intentional manipulation. Above all, he’s still a water sign, which means he leads with the heart, and he would die for the people he loves. That’s not something many can say, Scorpio.

Sagittarius- Bernadette Rostenkowski

Bernadette is such a funny and spicy lady, it’s no surprise that she represents Sagittarius. She’s never afraid to speak her mind and advocate for her own needs, and as the last fire sign, she can do so in a way that isn’t confrontational and vindictive. Sag’s are master communicators, and that’s a large part of the reason her relationship with Howard worked out. He had a ton of baggage, but she had no problem accepting him for him and communicating when things weren’t for her–in a way that Howard still felt supported. That’s Sag stuff.

Capricorn- Sheldon Cooper

Emotionally unavailable? Singularly focused on his career? Unable to read social cues? Yeah, that’s a Capricorn. You’re notorious for being the most intelligent sign, Cap, but that comes at the cost of your social and emotional skills, much like we see with Sheldon. If you can access your emotions and process them instead of sweeping them under a rug, the world is truly your oyster.

Aquarius- Mary Cooper

Who else could raise Sheldon Cooper but an Aquarius? Mary is a classic Aquarius; independent, creative, passionate, empathetic, and hilarious. Only an Aquarius would have the patience and will to nurture Sheldon and his interests, rather than battling with him. You’re a humanitarian at heart, Aquarius, and you care way more than you let people in on. Don’t be afraid of your own vulnerability; there’s power in it.

Pisces- Stuart Bloom

Stuart is such a Pisces, guys. The introverted and beta-male attitude that he adopts is very indicative of Pisces guys. He’s warm-hearted at his core, and he’s capable of great empathy (which is what your sign is known for, Pisces). While you may be too naive and kind for your own good sometimes, and allow people to take advantage of that, you heart is always in the right place. Don’t let the evil people of the world dim your sparkle and shine!

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