What’s Next for Darci Lynne Farmer after “America’s Got Talent” Win?

What’s Next for Darci Lynne Farmer after “America’s Got Talent” Win?

America’s Got Talent is a popular reality television show and competition that has a large number of dedicated fans. Truth be told, it isn’t quite as much of a reality show, at least in the sense that you might think of it, as it is a competition that is a throwback to earlier decades when shows like Star Search were popular. As such, that is basically the format that it follows. Contestants have to audition in order to get on the show, and then they compete throughout the season in order to see who ultimately wins for that particular season. There can only be one winner, so the competition is obviously fierce. This puts contestants through many rounds of competition in order to find out who really is the cream of the crop.

This season just ended and the individual that won was none other than Edmond, Oklahoma native Darci Lynne. Her act was unique and interesting, not to mention the fact that she displayed an enormous amount of talent and managed to hold herself together emotionally when other contestants that were many years her senior were literally falling apart on stage.

As a young child, Darci Lynne has perfected the art of ventriloquism, something that very few individuals are capable of doing with any real level of skill. She managed to do it almost perfectly. This becomes even more amazing when you find out that she only started working with ventriloquism about four years ago. It’s amazing to realize that in that amount of time, she learned the skill well enough to go out there and beat everyone else that was on that show, especially considering that there were some really good acts that she was competing against.

Now that she has won the competition, many people are wondering what her next steps will involve. First and foremost, she won a million dollars, something that opens up the door to so many possibilities ranging from college to stardom and virtually anything and everything in between. However, it doesn’t stop there. She also gets her own show in Las Vegas where she has the opportunity to showcase her talents in front of an audience on a near-daily basis.

Without a doubt, this is a chance to truly showcase her talents and make a long-term name for herself in the world of show business. Because ventriloquism is a relatively specialized niche and there aren’t all that many people that do it, she has the chance to quickly rise to fame in something that will allow her to forever be associated with it. There is no doubt that her life has changed a great deal in the short amount of time since she won America’s Got Talent and that it will change even more in the coming months and perhaps, even years.

Only time will tell which steps Darci Lynne ultimately decides to take. However, one thing is certain. She has the opportunity to create a future for herself that she could have only dreamed of just a few short months ago when she became a contestant on the show. Now, she is in the driver’s seat and it will be interesting to see what she decides to do with this opportunity.

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