So What’s the Deal With Lightsaber Colors Anyway?

The color of a lightsaber usually depends on whether or not you’re talking about canon or legends. In this case we’ll be talking about canon, that which is accepted at this point after Disney took over and decided to upend the entire franchise. The lightsaber colors that are present in the canon aren’t too great in number but at the same time they are quite interesting and even explanatory on a level that might make sense to a lot of people, be they fans or not. The color of a Jedi or Sith’s lightsaber has a lot to do with the type of person they are and how strong of a Force-wielder they’ve become.

To start with, purple is something that’s exceedingly rare since really the only Jedi that’s ever been seen to wield one up close would be Mace Windu. The meaning behind the purple however is that while the Jedi is a great warrior and possibly quite wise but still harbors a small amount of the Dark side in their Force aura. The reason for this with Windu is that he managed to master a lightsaber style called Vapad, which draws close to the Dark side in its usage.

Blue is the most common since it is the color that most Jedi start with. It is basically the color of those Jedi that serve as the warriors of the Order and are the most well-rounded. This color is the most abundant since many upon many Jedi used it, though some would obviously change colors as they grew in the Force and managed to become something else.

The color green was used typically by those called consular’s, who would rather talk through a problem rather than pull their weapon. This didn’t denote any weakness however as they were among the most powerful of Jedi and could throw down without any trouble. If you need an example, some of those that have used a green lightsaber include Yoda, Kit Fisto, and of course Luke Skywalker. The power of the consular’s is earned largely through combat training as well as experience in learning how to push past conflict without using one’s weapons.

Red is fairly obvious as it is the color of the Sith. This color is caused due to the crystal ‘bleeding’, which means that its power must be used against its will. This does not dampen the power but it does pull from very negative emotions that are felt by the user. Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and Count Dooku are some of the most noted users of a red saber.

Yellow is lesser known since it is more the color of a sentinel, a guard so to speak, and is not so widely used that it’s been seen with any real prominence. If anything the yellow color is more of a shift between one mode of learning and another.

Silver/White occurs when a Force user reverses the bleeding method of a crystal. In other words a user can purify the crystals and create a very vibrant weapon.

The last color is black, and it is just about as rare as the purple saber since it was a weapon stolen from the Jedi. It is just as powerful, but at this point there is really no explanation as to why it received this color.

So what color would your lightsaber be?

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