The Top Five Fictional Princes in Movies

The Top Five Fictional Princes in Movies

The Top Five Fictional Princes in Movies

Royalty tend to be popular protagonists in fiction. As a result, while princes don’t get as much attention as princesses, there are plenty of them that can be found in the movies, including more than a few that can be considered memorable in a good sense on their own merits.

Here are five of the top fictional princes in movies in alphabetical order:


Technically, Aragorn had a tenuous claim to the throne of Gondor because he was descended from the last King of Arnor rather than the last King of Gondor, but it can be argued that he had the best claim of all, which is to say, he appeared to save his people in their time of utmost need. Plus, Aragorn has excellent character, as shown by his choice to kneel to the hobbits in recognition of their deeds at the end of the series in spite of the fact that he had been crowned King of the Reunited Realm.


Regardless of the telling, Hector tends to be one of the best characters in the Trojan War. After all, he is not just the foremost champion of his people but also a loving husband, a loving father, and loyal to the rest of his family in spite of the fact that some of them have rather unfortunate tendencies of making bad life choices. Furthermore, it is worth noting that he compares well with Achilles, partly because of cultural changes and partly because Achilles was a petulant teenager who chose to live a short but glorious life.

Judah Ben-Hur

Judah Ben-Hur from Ben-Hur was supposed to have been a Jewish prince descended from a royal family of Judaea. Betrayed by a childhood friend, he is sold as a slave but manages to reclaim his freedom as well as something similar to his previous status through his courage, thus starting his pursuit of revenge. However, he experiences a change of heart through his interaction with Jesus of Nazareth, which leads to him abandoning his plans for revenge in preference for the much more peaceful tenets of his newfound faith.


So far, Thor has starred in two movies and is set to star in a third that will be released in November of 2017, which is not including the Avengers movies in which he has an important role. His narrative is a simple one, but sometimes, the best narratives are the simple ones. In brief, Thor is too arrogant to do well as a king, which is why he is banished to the Earth where he must learn to become a better person before taking up his hammer as well as his position as prince. All while interacting with a wonderful cast.

Prince Philip

Prince Philip is not one of the more interesting princes from Disney films, but for someone who had his debut in 1959, he holds up pretty well. After all, there aren’t a lot of people who would be willing to face down a dragon for the sake of someone that they don’t actually know all that well. Never mind the castle covered in enchanted thorns.

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