Photoshopping Other Actors into Famous Roles: A Gallery

Ever wonder what might happen if different actors had taken up the most popular roles in certain movies? These photoshopped images give you at least an idea of what it might have been like to see someone just as famous in these very different roles. Some of them might have been interesting.

Tom Cruise as Iron Man

Aside from needing to grow the customary facial hair Cruise might have made decent Iron Man and Tony Stark since he can nail the arrogant attitude and also be a daring individual when he wants to be. There’s just a bit more brash and intelligent mien to Downey Jr. though.

Will Smith as Neo

You just know that Neo would have been a more animated character if played by Will Smith. His one-liners would have been coming out left and right and his larger than life attitude would have caused a lot of improvisation no doubt on his own part and on the part of his costars. It might have even added a little more humor the movie.

Matthew McConaughey as Jack Dawson

That southern drawl would have been interesting to hear in this film but he might have been just a tad too laid back when the ship was going down. He doesn’t have the jackrabbit quality that Leo has when it comes to dangerous situations. Of course he probably would have been the more dramatic hero type.

Mel Gibson as Batman

Batman might have been a lot crazier had Gibson been cast in the role. But this means he would have had to go clean cut and most of his roles back then had him in longer hair and with that wild gleam in his eyes. Batman as a borderline psycho might not have worked so well.

Will Smith as Django

A warmup role for Deadshot? It seems feasible but it’s easy to get the feeling that in a role like this Smith would have kind of stepped over Christoph Waltz and made him seem a bit irrelevant. Jamie Foxx was a better actor when it came to taking a step back and allowing the bounty hunter’s exuberance take over.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr. Robert Neville

It’s still hard to this day to see Schwarzenegger as the scientific type. Anything he does usually needs to involve a lot of guns, a lot of violence, and not that much technical thought. It might mean that he’s been typecast but honestly this just wouldn’t be a role he’d excel in.

Al Pacino as Edward Lewis

If that’s your prince charming then you’re not setting your sights all that high. In most roles Pacino has been kind of crusty to a lot of people. He’s not really known for roles where’s he’s Mr. Smooth, unless you want to count the Godfather.

Diane Lan as Vivian

At this point there’s just no kidding anyone. No one else could have played Vivian as well and even pretending is kind of silly.

Hugh Jackman as Captain Jack Sparrow

This would have been a very disturbing look for Jackman, plus he’s not that great at the overall crazy role. Now as a crazed berserker he does just fine. In fact in the role of Wolverine he’d probably send Jack running for the hills.

Dustin Hoffman as Michael Corleone

There’s a warmth in Hoffman’s eyes that’s just not the right fit for the part of Michael Corleone. Michael is more cold, distant, and overall deadly. Hoffman looks like he’d want to be your friend rather than avenge his father.

Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey

Gosling just doesn’t have that cold, calculating look that Grey is so well known for. He’s too nice of a guy really, or at least he looks like one.

Oh what could have been, and thankfully wasn’t.

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