Whatever Happened to Scott Colomby?

Whatever Happened to Scott Colomby?

There are a couple of roles that Scott Colomby is really known for, and one of those is Tony D’Annunzio, one of the caddies from the 1980 movie Caddyshack. He’s been a part of show business for quite a while since he started off young and is still considered to be active, even if he’s slowed down quite a bit since the 90s. Scott is definitely one of the many that went on to enjoy a successful career but ended up becoming more famous for smaller roles and taking on guest spots than anything else. Even in Caddyshack and the Porkys movies, where he really excelled, he became a secondary character since there were other characters that people wanted to pay attention to. This didn’t really hurt his career thankfully since he still went on to show up in quite a few productions over the years and even co-founded an acting company titled Big Elvin & The Professors’ Blues Theater, which provides a range of comedy and improv among other things. It feels safe to say that even as his career was slowing down that he was thinking ahead as he appears to have been keeping an eye on his career and how he can keep moving forward.

Sometimes it’s fun to wonder what happens to the actors we enjoyed watching back in the day, but sometimes when we find out it can be kind of disappointing. In this case, though it’s a nice surprise to see that Scott has had such a diverse career. Quite a few actors from more than a decade ago tend to be forgotten or lost to time due to the fact that a lot of them either don’t find that many roles moving forward or they almost disappear as they continue to act but in low-budget movies and shows that don’t get a whole lot of attention. Scott was actually in on the daytime soap opera scene for a while and it’s kind of obvious that he was something of a popular guy for a while since he did have the look of someone that would be considered for various roles back in the day because he had the kind of attitude and appearance that made it clear that he wasn’t exactly a leading man but could be depended on for a number of roles that would allow him to expand a bit and take on a very distinct persona that would allow him to stand out.

Tony D’Annunzio was one of those since despite being a supporting actor in Caddyshack and something of a pain in the backside at times he was still an important character since he gave Danny Noonan someone to work against. He was kind of a jerk since he had a definite attitude to him but he was still someone that fit perfectly into the movie since he was in good shape, knew he was good-looking and was pretty confident about himself unlike the slightly goofy Danny Noonan, who still a lot of self-confidence but tended to need the approval of others a lot more than Tony did. Tony is that type of guy that might not be the biggest and baddest guy around, but he’s ready to throw down against someone he figures he can beat, and he’s also someone that considers himself a ladies man considering how he pushed upon Lacey in the movie, which she allowed no doubt since she wasn’t known for being too modest. The thing about Tony was that deep down he was a good guy, but he had a fiery temper that managed to put him at odds with people now and then. As characters go though he was kind of fun to watch, especially since when it came to the rivalry between him and Danny Noonan it was made clear that it wasn’t an all the time thing, but that he didn’t mind giving Noonan a piece of his mind now and then.

Scott’s TV credits end around 2012, which doesn’t mean that he’s done necessarily, but could mean that he’s been taking it easy over the years. The guy is in his late 60s at this point so it’s likely that without any huge prospects on the line he might want to pick and choose what he does these days. Plus, his movie career has still been going fairly steady as he’s had several roles over the years, even if a number of them have been as an extra on one movie or another. The fact is that he’s still around and is still doing what he enjoys doing, which is all an actor can really look forward to some days, even if the dream is to make a fortune and still have a good time doing it. He’s managed to do what he wants for most of his career at least, that’s something to take pride in.

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