Whatever Happened to Justin McSwain From My 600lb Life?

Whatever Happened to Justin McSwain From My 600lb Life?

When Justin McSwain agreed to share his weight loss story on My 600-Lb Life, he knew he was letting the world into one of the most vulnerable moments in his life. Like many of the people featured on the show, Justin struggled to ditch his unhealthy eating habits. As a result, he dealt with lots of self-doubts. On many occasions, he felt that he simply wouldn’t be able to accomplish his goal. However, it was also clear that he was serious about making some changes. Unfortunately, episodes of My 600-Lb Life, don’t follow cast members much longer after they’ve had their weight loss surgery. When the show ended, viewers were left wondering whether Justin was able to turn his life around and regain some of his independence. Keep reading to get an update on Justin McSwain from My 600-Lb Life.

Justin’s Story

Weight is something that Justin has struggled with for most of his life. He began overeating at a very early age to help cope with the fact that his parents were getting a divorce. By the time he reached his early teens, he was already more than 200 pounds and he had developed a legitimate addiction to food.

When Justin’s My 600-Lb Life journey began, he weighed nearly 690 pounds. Unfortunately, the number on the scale just continued to climb. At that size, his life expectancy had decreased significantly and he was headed down a very dangerous path. On top of that, he had gotten so heavy that he wasn’t able to do even the simplest things around the house. His size also caused him to develop serious anxiety and he became afraid to leave the house. Day in and day out, he sat inside wishing he could lose weight, but he wasn’t sure where to start.

Justin eventually decided to seek the help of well-known bariatric surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. In order to to get Dr. Now’s help, Justin had to travel from South Carolina to Texas, which proved to be a major obstacle. When beginning the journey to Texas, Justin was afraid that he wouldn’t even be able to fit in the rental car. Fortunately, he was able to make it to Houston where he was approved for weight loss surgery after following Dr. Now’s meal plan.

Here’s What Justin’s Doing Now

Whatever Happened to Justin McSwain From My 600lb Life?

For those who were wondering if Justin’s story has had a positive outcome, the answer is yes. Since being on the show, he has lost almost 300 pounds. What’s even more impressive is the fact that he’s been able to keep the weight off. After all, we’ve all seen countless stories about people who have undergone weight loss surgery only to continue to struggle with their eating habits afterward.

Not only has the weight loss given him a better chance at living a long and healthy life, but it has also improved his overall quality of life. Justin is now able to enjoy all sorts of activities and getting around the house is no longer an issue. However, even though Justin has been able to turn his life around, the road certainly hasn’t been easy. According to The List, Justin said, “It’s a battle every day with food addiction, anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, and a whole lifetime of bad habits that need to be overcome. I hear a lot of ‘it happened years ago, these people should get over it.’ But it isn’t that simple.”

Despite the obstacles, though, Justin has proven that he isn’t going to let anything stand in his way. He is currently living back in South Carolina and he is thoroughly enjoying his new lease on life. Justin loves doing things like going hiking and he even competed in a 5k race. He also started training to become a pilot.

Justin has also made it a point to use his platform to raise awareness of the realities of food addition. He has spoken at various events and he isn’t ashamed of where he comes from. He hopes that his story can help inspire other people. Justin wants them to know that they can accomplish their goals and give themselves a chance to live the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

Follow Justin On Social Media

Justin’s time in the reality TV world may be over, but people can still keep up with his journey. He is very active on Instagram and he often posts updates about his weight loss journey and other areas of his life. He currently has more than 31,000 followers and he’s thankful for each of them.

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