Whatever Happened to Emma Samms?

It’s interesting to think how a life could have been so different had one thing not happened and changed everything. Emma Samms might have at one point gone on to be a ballet dancer if not for a hip injury that forced her to stop performing.  That’s a bit tragic to see this kind of injury occur at such a young age since as some people might go on to say injuries incurred when young can cause problems later on in life if they’re not corrected or allowed to heal properly. As it stands today it’s hard to say whether or not Emma has any other issues with her hips, but it’s easy to think that such an injury doesn’t just go away given that if left unattended or if it’s not allowed to heal properly such an injury can cause complications. Be that as it may the fact is that after dancing she went into acting and has been in the business ever since. While she’s been in both movies and TV her appearance on television has been far more prominent since she’s been a soap opera star for a good part of her career and been in a few TV movies that people may or may not know about. As always it’s usually up to the fans of said stars to really follow and discover just what’s happened to her since the pool of celebrities is so large at this point that trying to keep track of all of them is almost impossible.

The upside of going into acting though is that she has attained a net worth of around $10 million, which is nothing to laugh at considering that it affords her a very comfortable and luxurious lifestyle that allows Emma to work when she wants and not just when she needs to. Being able to pick the roles you want, or at least take your time in doing so, has to take a lot of the burden off of the job, or so one would think. Likely as not she still has to audition or at least try to beat out others for roles now and then but the actress has to this point stayed fairly busy in her career, so it’s likely that she’s still seen as a valuable commodity and has made it possible for people to see her as both talented and experienced at this time. If the name sounds familiar it’s likely that you’ve seen or heard about her at some point in the past, be it recent or long ago, as she has been in the business since 1979. That’s more than enough time to have seen things change in a great way as the past few decades have seen a shift in show business and a very big changing of the guard as actors have come and gone.

In a way one has to wonder just what that might be like since at every level of society people notice how things change as the years continue to roll by. While some of us might remark on the good things and others on the bad, the more complete individuals watch, learn, and remark mostly on just what has changed no matter if it falls into either category. Things have changed quite a bit since the 70s after all and even so it does feel as though we’re trying to bring those decades back rather than forge ahead and make something new based on what’s already been done. The fact that older actors are still trending in this day and age almost makes it feel that we’re looking for new ideas and a basis to continue onward while at the same paying homage and giving thanks to those that have paved the way by doing their own thing back in their day so that show business might have another example to look at when attempting to make the present and future work as it needs to. If that made any sense to you then your mind might work like mine does or it might be trying to untangle just what was said, but the point is that looking back to old movies and old actors gives us a good starting point when it comes to what we’d like to see for the future when it comes to show business.

Emma Samms is one more name among many that needs to be recognized if only because she’s been there, done that, and had her hip injury not sidelined her from ballet so long, regrettably no doubt in some cases, then she might have gone on to do something entirely different that either wasn’t meant for her. Then again, maybe she would have been just as famous as a ballet dancer, it’s difficult to say. But as of now she’s still here, and she’s still acting, so it was either meant to be, or she made it that way.

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