Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lucy Davis

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lucy Davis

I’m going to guess that a lot of you recognize Lucy Davis from one film or another. She’s played a couple of different characters but has always been funny in some regard. It could be the fact that she was born of a comedian but it could be that she’s just a pleasant person with a fun personality that loves what she does and enjoys making a contribution to the film industry in any way that she can. In any case she’s been a dedicated part of show business for a little over twenty years now and has earned her reputation as a serious actor.

It’s hopeful that one of her latest roles could help her career to keep moving forward.

5. She was in Shaun of the Dead.

Lucy played Dianne, the rebound girlfriend of the guy that’s still in love with Shaun’s girlfriend Liz. Throughout the movie she’s the more practical character that tries to use reason and logic to sort things out while the rest of the group are tearing at each other constantly. Eventually she goes after her boyfriend who was just ripped to shreds by zombies and is presumably killed. She wasn’t much of an addition in the movie but her parts were amusing.

4. Her father is a famous comedian.

This could be where she gets her amusing sense of humor from as her father is Jasper Carrot, a noted stand up comedian in England and as well known personality in his homeland. Whether or not she learned what she needed from him or it just rubbed off you can likely think that he had at least a little something to do with her onscreen sense of humor. Having a famous comedian in the house had to have some effect.

3. She played Etta Candy in Wonder Woman.

This might be where you remember her from as well since she played Steve Trevor’s secretary Etta Candy. She was the kind of woman who knew she was living in a man’s world where a woman had no real voice. She didn’t let it bother her however no matter that she was treated as a doorstop at times and a secretary at others. Even when Dianna was obviously fazed by it she didn’t see her position as anything other than what it was, any more or less.

2. She was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Her mother donated a kidney that she gratefully accepted when she was diagnosed with kidney failure some time ago. Thankfully she has the kind of family that will gladly step in and help when it’s needed. She was hospitalized with kidney failure again in 2005 but managed to recover that time and has been going strong since.

1. She’s a diabetic.

This condition, disease, whatever you want to call it, isn’t easy on anyone and for someone that’s filming occasionally and has to run on a tight schedule it seems like it would be even harder. So far though in her career it seems that Lucy has managed to keep it under control.

Hopefully we’ll keep seeing her pop up now and again in films.

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