10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jessica Rogan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jessica Rogan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jessica Rogan

Unless one’s spouse is famous and achieved such an honor all on their own it’s usually tough to accept why anyone would be considered worthy of an article like other than to say that they are attached to that famous person and are important enough to talk about. With Jessica Rogan that’s kind of the case, but there seems to be enough to link her to the life of her spouse that she could be called a person of interest since there’s plenty of information to make it interesting and to make your eyebrows raise appreciatively as you nod your head and think or say “hmm, that’s an interesting bit of news”. While she’s not as mainstream as her husband she does make a decent and honest living and there doesn’t seem to be any controversy or tragic back story that might be used to elevate her in any negative manner. That’s refreshing to be honest.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Jessica.

10. Despite being from mixed ethnicity she does identify as Native American.

Following a person’s hereditary line isn’t always as easy as it seems, but apparently being of mixed races didn’t make it impossible since she does have some Native American blood in her and claims her heritage pretty easily.

9. Yes, she is married to Joe Rogan.

Yes, THAT Joe Rogan, the comedian, the guy that’s been so prominent in the UFC, the actor, THAT guy. Granted there are a lot of those with the same last name in show business and it is easy to get things confused, but this time it’s exactly what you were probably thinking.

8. She was a cocktail waitress at one point.

It kind of sounds like this is how they met, but given that a cocktail waitress can make decent money depending on where they work it’s fair to say that she might have been doing alright when it came to her personal finances so it wasn’t a situation in which she met someone that might have elevated her in a financial sense.

7. Despite not knowing how much she makes Jessica is rumored to have a net worth of $1 million.

Her salary isn’t really known but she obviously makes a comfortable living since she is valued at a pretty high number as far as her worth goes. To be given that kind of esteem is something that a lot of people wish for since it means that you’ve kind of hit the big time.

6. Her fame and her lifestyle are due mostly to Joe’s fame and fortune.

When talking about net worth she’s amassed a good chunk of money on her own, but obviously Joe’s is a great deal more since he’s estimated to be worth around $25 million, which no doubt has granted them a very comfortable lifestyle that she’s enjoyed along with her husband.

5. So far their marriage is something out of a fairy tale.

There’s never been a report of a fight, a falling out, or even the whisper of a controversy on the rise with these two and a lot of folks know by now that if even a glimmer of such a thing were to occur then a dozen news stations and gossip columns would pick up on it without fail. So far though they seem to be a very happy family.

4. Apparently Joe gets along very well with her daughter from a previous relationship.

Jessica’s oldest daughter is in her 20s and it would seem that she and Joe get along very well, which is fortunate since all too often kids and step-parents are at odds for the simple reason that the kids don’t want the step-parent thinking that they can replace their original parent. But from all reports the two of them get along great.

3. There’s not a lot that’s known about how they met.

Since Joe doesn’t really talk about his personal life all that much and Jessica seems inclined to respect his silence it’s not really known how they met or what happened, but what is obvious is that they’re very happy together, and that’s always nice to see.

2. She is a product analyst for Volvo motor sports.

Product analysts must make a pretty good chunk of change depending on who they work for since her net worth would indicate that Volvo holds her in high esteem. That kind of reputation at a job however is something that’s important to hold onto since it doesn’t happen to everyone.

1. Her father was a stand-up comedian.

This is kind of a theory as to why she fell for Joe since her father was a comedian and Joe has been doing stand-up for a while. Maybe she enjoys people that can make her laugh. Ever notice how many women do tend to look for qualities in a man that are reminiscent of their fathers? It’s not universal, but it’s noticeable all the same.

It seems polite to say that they have a very nice life together and to hope that it continues in this manner.

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