Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions

Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions

It’s kind of obvious that Google has taken away the necessity of proper English at this point as queries such as “When Josh Gad grow up” are the norm as far as these lists go. Watching Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad go back and forth with the the web’s most searched questions concerning their names however is pretty funny since it’s kind of obvious that Gad does want to remain a kid at heart, which is fun in its own way since a lot of us tend to feel the same a lot of the time considering how much fun it was to be a kid at times. The manner in which the questions are posed though is kind of disconcerting since it does show that proper grammar or even sensible grammar isn’t a huge priority right now, which could explain a lot when it comes to America’s school system. To be fair though a lot of people go by keywords these days and don’t tend to feel the need to type in the whole question at length, which means that they’re after whatever sites will come close enough to the keywords to help them out with a search. Still, one might think that it’d be a lot easier to just type the question in the hope of getting a specific answer. But asking where a celebrity lives is a bit creepy in this day and age since it means that a person might have no sense of personal space or propriety when it comes to finding someone just because they can.

The two Frozen actors are obviously pretty close and know enough about each other to be entirely comfortable but it’s also kind of obvious that Gad is the more outspoken of the two since he kind of took over the whole moment and let his personality come out in a big way. It’s pretty easy to see that this might happen on a regular basis given that Josh appears to be a little more outspoken than Jonathan in some ways and definitely more expressive. But the two men are likely fond of each other as friends and have been through a lot when it comes to their time on Frozen and have possibly come to know each other pretty well. Many actors that spend time on multiple movies or projects with each other will tend to grow a little closer or at least become friendly in a way that continues once the cameras are off.

Some of the questions that are posed on Google are kind of hard to fathom since beyond the poor grammar there’s a question as to why people will ask certain questions and what’s going through their head when they type in the search. It’s hard to say just what prompts some people to go looking for certain facts when they do but there are definitely a lot of odd questions out there that celebrities have to deal with since their lives are pretty much front and center for everyone to take a look at and examine as much as possible every second of the day. For stars such as Gad and Groff it’s easy to think that a lot of people want to know just who their child is listening to when they’re watching an animated feature and what the people in question are like. That’s not too much to ask really when it comes down to wondering just who the stars are and what they’re all about. But the more personal queries are kind of odd since they delve into who each person is a little more than would be polite at times since there are likely some things that people want to keep to themselves and that aren’t entirely pertinent to the discussion at hand. Those types of things aren’t exactly taboo a lot of the time but they’re still the kind of thing that makes a person question just what’s going through another person’s mind when they’re on Google.

It’s amazing that any of us still remember the days when we didn’t have Google to answer every little question we had and were forced to resort to actually looking something up or asking someone who might know something about the subject we were trying to learn about. In those days if it wasn’t in the newspaper, a magazine, or an encyclopedia we had to rely on those that might actually know something about the subject and hope that they were right. These days you can find out someone’s shoe size and what meals they prefer just by hitting a few keys to initiate a search. It’s great in a way for finding out information you need, but it’s also a little creepy when one figures that a lot of people are going to go a lot further than that.

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