Why the Sonic the HedgeHog Movie Should Have Been Left ‘As Is’

There are seriously moments when you have to wonder what people are thinking and why. So yes, I’ll be honest and say that Sonic the Hedgehog should have probably been left as an animated movie, but all in all this trailer didn’t look absolutely horrible, unless you speak to the legion of fans that have decided that it’s absolute trash. Claudia Harmat of People is just one writer that’s made it known that Sonic isn’t going to be zooming into theaters as quickly as we’d thought since the overall backlash that has been felt over how the blue-haired speedster has been depicted has been pretty bad. In fact it’s been enough to the point that the studio has decided to accept the whining of the people and has gone back to fix whatever the fans thought was wrong. Feel free to sigh in frustration at this point since that means it will tack on an added three months from Sonic’s original release date.

Seriously, people all over the internet have been going absolutely nuts concerning how Sonic looks, the music that’s being used, how Jim Carrey looks nothing like the doctor from the game, and so on and so forth. Even the appearance of Sonic’s teeth has become a sticking point for fans all over the world, and quite honestly it proves that once someone online says something that the bleating of sheep is about all you can hear as people rush to join the flock and add their own two cents to the noise. Oh yeah, I’ll be candid and say that people are being absolutely nuts about this and unfortunately it’s not the only bit of entertainment they’ve been going crazy over in recent times. I won’t got into it, but a lot of people, even those have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones, have likely heard how bad they thought season 8 was as well. That’s how quickly it spreads and how fast people make up their minds when presented with the easy way out of debating their own likes and dislikes. Join up with the majority and save time and whine loud enough to get a movie taken off the bill until they fix what people want fixed. At this point the next Sonic trailer might as well be animated since it seems as though this is the only thing that would keep people quiet and docile.

So let me get into why this movie should have been left as it was, and hopefully saner heads will at least listen and understand. Between comic book and video game movies the track record for both is anywhere from neutral to abysmal. There are few adaptations that have ever been fully approved of by fans and it’s not hard to see why since the expectations we tend to have of our favorite games and stories tends to come out looking a bit different than we hoped for when all is said and done. But with that being said, Jim Carrey as Dr. Eggman/Dr. Ivan Robotnik seems to be a good bit of casting, and putting James Marsden into another situation where he has to deal with a CGI character (remember Hop?) seems as though it could be decent enough to give it a chance. But who in their right mind thought that the main character was going to look exactly the same as he looked in the video game?

He’s still blue, he still curls into a ball when he gets going really fast, he sparks lightning as he moves along, he wears red sneakers, and his hair is fashioned into spikes. He’s even got white hands that could be seen as recognition of the gloves that the character wore in the game. So what’s the problem? His teeth? Oy, this seems like a bunch of nitpicking garbage that a few fans decided to take note of and create a firestorm with, and it worked unfortunately. Those that started this mess are proving that all it takes these days to affect change is a great deal of whining and puling that essentially comes from being disappointed yet again with something that wasn’t done to their specifications. The funny thing is that if they’re so passionate about this matter it seems fair to say that a lot of them should be out making their own movie and not worrying so much about something over which they have little to no control. Sonic didn’t look perfect by any means in the trailer, but quite honestly he didn’t look that bad either. If people really wanted to complain about something then maybe it’s time they got up and did something rather than try to move the world from the comfort of their keyboard.

This movie might have been interesting enough as it was, but now we’ll never know. Thanks for that.

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