Whatever Happened to Corinne Olympios?

Whatever Happened to Corinne Olympios?

Whatever Happened to Corinne Olympios?

If you don’t know who Corinne Olympios is then don’t feel bad since it means that you probably don’t watch a lot of The Bachelor. But if you really want to know about her then one thing that stands out clear as a bell is that she’s not afraid to say what she wants and hype herself up to unimaginable levels that she can’t really keep up with it would seem. Throughout her time on TV and in business Corinne seems to have modeled herself as an antagonist on The Bachelor and a business-savvy young woman that is currently rolling out her own line of products that seem to be doing fairly well. But in terms of being a decent or thick-skinned person that can take a joke or perhaps the criticisms of those that will always pop out of the woodwork it would almost seem as though she takes everything as it comes and picks and chooses what affects her and what doesn’t.

As of last year the running gag is a prank that was pulled on her by Sacha Baron Cohen when he tricked her into appearing on his show Who Is America?. The whole thing was staged in a way that completely fooled Corinne and apparently freaked her out as she was attempting to figure out just what was going on the whole time and had no idea that she was being set up for the show. Cohen has made a rather huge impression in show business for being one of the most outlandish acts and being able to fool a great many people with his performances. Corinne did her best to play this off as if she was completely in awe of what had happened later on but it would seem as though she’s still a bit shook up that anyone would have the audacity to do such a thing to her.

Reality stars, as the saying goes, seem to be a dime a dozen and in many cases it would seem that even the most famous among them is easily replaced. Yet for all that a lot of them are rather well-learned business folk that have discovered how to make money in a variety of ways that involves banking on the fame that they’ve created through their time on whatever show they used to get their first 15 minutes. Corinne definitely came off as one of the more rude and obnoxious women on The Bachelor with the things she said and the fact that she actually took a nap during a rose ceremony. The only thing better than this was the moment when she seemed to compare herself to famous figures from history and then wondered why it wasn’t okay for her to take a nap as well.

How a person is viewed is really a matter of perspective and in this case it would rest entirely on the idea of who was around her and what they thought of her. It would also depend on what side of her personality she showed people since on screen it seems that she might be a different person than she is when off it. Of course given that she seems to be much the same person off screen it does seem that a lot of people might give her a lot of hell for being a bit stuck-up and even egotistical since she does have a very high opinion of herself that doesn’t mean much if she can’t back it up. That is perhaps one of the biggest things about any reality star that becomes a sticking point and a rather hard bit for anyone to swallow, that a lot of them think they’re that great and worth that much when in truth if they hadn’t been a part of whatever show made them famous they would likely be next to nothing.

But she did appear on two Bachelor shows and she is in business for herself at this point so at the moment it’s only her attitude that seems to be in any way incapable of being fully accepted by everyone. There are those that will gladly defend her just as there will always be those that will kowtow to anyone that has a bit of fame under their belt. But all in all she does seem like a person that claims to have a thick skin when it comes to her detractors but picks and chooses when to use it since in the wake of being accused of plastic surgery she felt the need to defend herself rather than simply ignore the haters and move on. Picking your spots is all well and good, but if she can laugh off what Cohen did to her in 2018 then it should be a thing of ease to laugh off anyone else.

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