That Time Charles Manson Hypnotized Danny Trejo in Prison

That Time Charles Manson Hypnotized Danny Trejo in Prison

That Time Charles Manson Hypnotized Danny Trejo in Prison

The powers of persuasion are definitely real since plenty of people have used this practice in the past, but the downside of it comes when someone can use it in a manner that will bypass every ounce of morality a person possesses. Charles Manson has been known as one of the most dangerous men in the world even if people want to argue that he didn’t do as much as people accuse him of. The point is that through persuasion and what some would deem as mind control, Manson, who died back in 2017, was a dangerous individual who knew how to get to people and prey upon whatever he could to get them to follow his words. One might think that Danny Trejo would be a little too mentally tough at any given time in his life to fall for such a thing, but an account given by Trejo of a time when he and Manson were in jail together back in 1961, indicates that Manson was more than a little persuasive since Trejo managed to say that Manson made him feel the sensations of getting high just by talking about it.

Some people don’t believe as much in the power of suggestion and the type of manipulation that can occur, but there are plenty that do, and those that can use it are capable of being more than a little dangerous, especially to those who are the most susceptible to such methods, since the power of suggestion can make people do things that they might not normally do. This can be a positive thing as much as a negative, but those that use it in a negative manner, such as cult leaders, which Manson was without a doubt, tend to take things in a direction that they might claim to be positive and meaningful, but is essentially harmful and goes against everything that a person might otherwise stand for.

To think that Danny Trejo, possibly one of the toughest individuals that people could think of, might have been susceptible to Manson’s tricks is kind of hard to believe, and worse than that, it’s definitely a little dangerous to even think about. At one time Trejo was a very rough and tough individual, and his reputation has definitely followed him, which is to say that many upon many people might believe that he’d be just as mentally tough. But the power of persuasion is a strong tool that a lot of people learn how to use at some point in their lives and it’s fair to say that Danny might have fallen for Manson’s little trick, especially since this is coming from Trejo and no one else. People might want to be naysayers when it comes to the idea of suggestion and what it can do, but manipulation is a very old trick that some people learn for their own purpose and some are able to do with the greatest of ease. Some folks are resistant to it, and some only think that they are, but knowing who is who and what is what can be confusing sometimes since trying to outwit someone that knows how to manipulate people can be a tricky deal.

To think that Manson was able to do this to Trejo and his gang makes it feel as though those that are skilled at suggestion and persuasion could do this to just about anyone. Holding out and not bending to persuasion is extremely tough for some people, but one big difference is whether a person knows it’s happening or not, or if they fall into it willingly and aren’t bound to fight since they want the experience of being drawn in. Those that tend to resist are those that could be called natural-born skeptics that aren’t so easily taken in by what manipulative people have to say. There’s usually a reason for this, that being that the individual has been taken in before by a manipulator and vowed never to let it happen again, or they’ve seen such effects on people and don’t want to see it repeated on their lives. There are a number of reasons why people are skeptical about suggestion and persuasion, and many folks simply don’t like it since it implies that they’re giving up their free will to someone for little to no reason.

It does sound as though Manson didn’t go that far with Trejo and his gang, but one has to wonder what might have happened if Charles had tried something along those lines. Would Danny have fallen in line? A lot of people would probably say no, of course not, he sounds like too tough of a person to ever think about joining up with someone like Manson. But keep in mind, this was a long, long time ago, and Danny might have been a very different person at that time.

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