5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Mike Colter

5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Mike Colter

5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Mike Colter

Actor, Mike Colter, made a major splash last year around this time last year when he exploded on to the scene in the Netflix presentation of Marvel’s Luke Cage. A handsome man with super human strength, and a burning desire to do the right thing in a world of wrong. I have to admit I binged watched the entire season in one day. As I always say, technology is changing the way we engage entertainment. Not only will Mike Colter be back for another season of Luke Cage, but he also livened up the screen in this summer’s girl flick, Girls Trip.

Despite having made a powerful impact in recent months, there is still a lot you don’t know about Mike Colter, so we decided to share a few facts with you.

1. He Is Well-Trained in His Craft

One might be led to postulate that Mike Colter has ridden his good looks, deep voice and masculine physique to his current level of popularity; however, he has invested much more into his career beyond the superficial attribute that the public sees. He studied acting at the University of South Carolina, earning a bachelor’s degree in theater and he has an MFA that he earned at Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts. He is definitely prepared for the game.

2. He Has Accumulated Quality Experiences

In the grand scope of things, Mike does not have a whole lot of experience, but the experience that he does have is excellent – carrying a great deal of gravity. He has not been featured in a large number of films and television shows, but when he does take a role he receives a great deal of praise from fans and critics alike. When he is given an opportunity, he absolutely nails it.

3. He Prefers Characters with Depth

Mike has made it clear that while he knows that a certain number of roles for action films and series will come his way, he would much rather take on a role of characters that display high levels of intellect. While he is not an actor that feels the need to relate to the character he is playing, he does look for depth when determining if he will take on a role or not. This could easily explain why he has not been featured in more films and television series. He refuses to be the dumb jock.

4. He Was Initially Hesitant in Accepting the Role of Luke Cage

Because Colter is serious about playing roles that have depth and wanting the characters he plays to display intelligence, he was reluctant to take on the role of Luke Cage. Another reason that he was reluctant to take on the role is that while being a celebrity he enjoys the anonymity he enjoys and Marvel superhero stardom could obliterate that in a heartbeat, but it was the script for Jessica Jones that convinced him that Luke Cage had depth.

5. He Has Taken a Responsibility for His Character in Luke Cage

Colter is keenly cognizant of the fact that Luke Cage finally gives a Black super hero his own show. Set in Harlem, the show is steeped in Black culture, and it means the world to Mike that he does this culture and its history the justice it deserves. He revealed in a recent video that the more he met fans of the show, he realized just how much of an impact he was having.

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