Whatever Happened to Ari Meyers?

Whatever Happened to Ari Meyers?


She may not currently be in the acting game, but it’s safe to say that Ari Meyers made her mark in her day. The actress is best known for her role as Emma Jane McArdle in the 1984 TV series Kate & Allie. However, the role that shone a light on her talent was as Al Pacino’s stepdaughter in Author! Author! (1982). More impressing is the fact that the Meyers managed these roles while taking advanced courses in school.

Altogether, the star graced screens from 1982-2007, starring in an array of films and TV shows. There’s no doubt that all that exposure gained her a following of her own. Seeing as she hasn’t been in front of the camera for a while, it’s natural to wonder what the actress is up to. Here’s what we could gather.

Ari Meyers’ Acting Career

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Here’s the thing, while Meyers was quite dedicated to her acting career, she knew how to hit the books. As mentioned earlier, she starred in her first two movies while attending advanced classes in high school. But she didn’t stop there. Using her earnings from the movie Kate & Allie, the actress paid for her studies at Yale University.

There she studied Philosophy and Theatre Arts as double majors and graduated with honors. Meyers continued acting after that but was typically cast for roles younger than her age. Some notable productions she appeared in during her day include License to Kill, Memories of Midnight, How to Make an American Quilt, and Looking For Kitty.

Besides onscreen acting, Meyers lent her voice to audiobooks such as The Wish, A Kitten’s Tale, and The Amy Fisher Story. Her versatility obviously knows no bounds, as she also appeared in some theater productions. For instance, she was in the musical play Theophilus North and also played a part in the onstage production Little Willy.

Altogether, it’s no surprise that Ari Meyers displayed such prowess in her day. In fact, it runs in the family. Her mother, Taro Meyer, happens to be an actress too, and she appeared in the soap opera Another World.

Where is Ari Meyer Now?

Ari Meyers 2

As mentioned earlier, Ari hasn’t been in front of the camera as an actress since 2007. So, it’s safe to say that no one really knows what she’s been doing these days. The only clue out there was dropped in 2021 during an online reunion of the Kate & Allie cast. When asked what she was up to, the star stated that she was working as a postpartum nurse and lactation consultant in California.

Unfortunately, since then, there’s not been any news about the former actress. While she’s practically under the radar at the moment, anyone looking to reconnect with her can simply look to the movies and shows she starred in.

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