Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Chuck?”

Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Chuck?”

Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Chuck?”

From 2007 to 2012 Chuck was one of the most beloved shows since it was about an ordinary guy that had been given CIA secrets that forced the agency to assign him handlers that were there to basically keep him out of trouble. The ability to relate to the average person was kind of there but it was the well-done plot and story of the show that managed to keep it alive. Well, that and the fact that fans actually lobbied to avoid getting the show cancelled. And when Subway decided to lend a hand when it came to costs the show lasted well beyond the second season, where it looked as though it might have ended if not for the assist. The show went on until it hit season five and then had a two-hour finale at the end, which is impressive when you think about how close it almost came to being axed.

So here’s what happened to the cast.

Ryan McPartlin – Devin Woodcomb

Whether you believe that he’s done anything worthy of note or not following the shoe Ryan has still managed to stay busy and he’s even been seen to take up a voice role now and again. As one of the characters in the show that managed to get some people to like him and other people to think he wasn’t needed he’s become kind of a popular character when it comes to TV films. For the most part though he’s stayed busy and that’s what counts.

Sarah Lancaster – Ellie Woodcomb

It seems that taking up guest roles and doing TV films is something that a lot of TV stars take up when their show is over but at least it keeps them busy. Sarah has been able to keep herself moving forward without much help and is at this point still managing to find jobs when she needs to. Right now it seems like she might be on a break but perhaps her resume hasn’t been updated to reflect any current projects that might be going on.

Joshua Gomez – Morgan Grimes

Josh seems like he might be taking it easy right now since he hasn’t done a lot since the show ended and he’s only showed up in a couple of TV shows for a single episode and hasn’t been hard at it. He’s got enough accomplishments to be taken as a serious actor wherever he goes but sometimes it seems like it might be personal preference that keeps people from thriving in the business, as it can be kind of stressful.

Adam Baldwin – John Casey

This guy seems like he’s been everywhere since he’s been into so many different projects throughout his career that his face is easy to recognize no matter where he goes. But after the show he stayed busy since that seems to be his M.O. and has been for the length of his career. From the start of his acting career up until now he’s been seen as the good guy and the bad guy and has excelled at both since he’s the kind of actor that’s highly adaptable and can be whatever he needs to be.

Yvonne Strahovski – Sarah Walker

Yvonne has made quite the career for herself since she’s been successful before and after the show. In fact she’s starring in The Handmaid’s Tale as of now and is also going to be seen in the upcoming movie The Predator. She also has a couple more films that she’ll be in that are in post-production and that have yet to be filmed yet. So quite honestly she’s had a very good time with her career as of late.

Zachary Levi – Chuck Bartowski

Zachary has made quite a name for himself in film and in TV. Some people might remember that he was in the second Alvin and the Chipmunks movie as the hopeless Toby, a guy that loved playing video games and couldn’t talk to the woman of his dreams for anything. But his role as Chuck was one that helped to make his career what it currently is and the fact that he’s been on a role ever since has been the icing on the cake so to speak. His career is still something that might be kind of up and down since not everyone knows about him but as of right now he’s definitely more up than down since he’ll be playing Shazam at some point in the future.

It’s evident that not everyone that was in the show has gone on to bigger and better things but that tends to happen at times since people do choose their own paths and sometimes remaining in the spotlight isn’t for everyone. The idea that those who really want it can get it by taking on the right parts though is very accurate so long as they can handle the parts they’re assuming. Yes, hopefully Zach can handle Shazam.

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