Never Have I Ever Ending Explained: Who Gets A Happy Ending?

Netflix’s Never Have I Ever which began in 2020 has reached its end with its fourth season. This is a feat for a Netflix show as the studio is notorious for ending great shows too soon. But Never Have I Ever is a great show, that is loved by its fans and has also been a huge success. The show is an honest and very relatable portrayal of grief, family dynamics, and the struggles of adolescence. 

One of the biggest questions that you would deal with when seeing this show is who gets a happy ending? There have been times when Devi Vishwakumar, the show’s lead character made choices that trigger worry and concern. Her decisions have ripple effects on the lives of the people around her, so as you worry for Devi, you worry for her mother Nalini, her friends, and her love interests. But should you worry about the series finale?

Who Does Devi End Up With In Never Have I Ever?

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained: Who Gets A Happy Ending?

Over the course of Never Have I Ever, Devi gets into two major romantic relationships that define the way she grows and how she views herself. One was with the star of the swim team and arguably the hottest boy in school, Paxton Hall-Yoshida. The second was with her nemesis and second smartest student, Ben Gross. She oscillates between the both of them and even cheats on one with the other.  

By the time the series rolls to its end, Devi has made her decision on who she wants to be with and it is Ben. When season 3 ends, she chooses that the first time she has sex she wants it to be with him and then spends all of season 4 pining after him even when they were just friends. The season ends with him coming to her grandmother’s wedding with a declaration of love. 

What’s Next For Devi Vishwakumar?

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained: Who Gets A Happy Ending?

When Devi was a child she wanted to go to a college for princesses, but her father told her there is a school called Princeton and she could go to that. Devi and her father shared a tight bond and when he died, all her love was directed to the memories they had together. Including the dream of Princeton University. Throughout Never Have I Ever, Devi’s academic focus and resultant success were geared towards getting into Princeton. In spite of her getting in her own way and almost ruining her chances, Devi finally gets into the school of her dreams, Princeton.  

Where Do The Sherman Oaks Crew End Up?

Never Have I Ever Ending

The Sherman Oaks crew is the rag-tag group of kids who make up Devi’s friends and enemies in some cases. Her closest friends, Eleanor and Fabiola, end up in places and situations that they really want. Eleanor becomes a director, making her own movies where she can make herself the star. She does all of this with the help of her boyfriend, Trent. Fabiola joins the Robotics department at Howard University, after much consideration. Aneesa who is a friend of the group is off to university on a Football scholarship. 

Ben Gross gets the highly coveted admission at Columbia University. Columbia is only a few hours away from Princeton, where Devi, his girlfriend, attends. Paxton is back at Arizona State University studying to become a teacher. The good endings do not end here. Nalini, Devi’s mother is in a relationship with a contractor, Andres. Devi’s grandmother is now married to a man called Len while Devi’s Cousin, Kamala now lives in Baltimore with her boyfriend, Manish, who used to be Devi’s English Teacher. Thankfully, everybody gets a happy ending.  

Are We Getting A Sequel Or Spin-off?

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained: Who Gets A Happy Ending?

When John McEnroe signs off the final episode, he says “This is John McEnroe, live from Princeton, New Jersey, signing off… For now.” The use of “for now” comes across as intriguing, as it teases the possibility of the story continuing. This could either happen as a sequel or as a spin-off. However, the show’s creators Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher have made no mention of a sequel or a spin-off.  It does not matter if the show has a spin-off or a sequel as it ended in the most befitting way, with a neat bow on everyone’s story. 

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