Timelapse of 350 Hour Process Drawing A Poster With Every Single Pokemon

Timelapse of 350 Hour Process Drawing A Poster With Every Single Pokemon

Having to draw every single Pokemon for an all-inclusive poster looks like a long and tedious process. Apparently this took around 350 hours and through timelapse video you can see that every little stroke of the pen had to be perfect to make these characters really stand out so that they could each be noticed within the mass of characters that exist. Pokemon is such a widespread phenomenon that it’s hard to know every single character and their evolutionary cycles, let alone how many there really are and how many are still being discovered or waiting to be added to the roster.

Some of them really seem to take off designs from other characters in pop culture that were there long before, but this isn’t too surprising. It’s also not surprising that other shows would spring up in response to the Pokemon craze that spread throughout the world when it first came out. Some were in direct contest with Pokemon while others were either loosely based off of the same idea or were their own entities that came on the heels of the popular show. In any case it’s easy to say that this craze started a seriously innovative movement in pop culture throughout the world that some people would love to see die down and others can’t get enough of.

Perhaps one of the most annoying crazes that’s ever come up was Pokemon Go, which was played on people’s smartphones and was played by walking outside or wherever was necessary to find the Pokemon that they were looking for. This was seriously a bad idea from the word go since too often a lot of people would notice those that played the game would have their noses almost to their phones as they went in search of the elusive Pokemon. Unfortunately if they were outside or driving this meant that they ran the risk of getting into accidents continually, which did happen more often than anyone would like when Pokemon Go first came out. The big issue was that people were looking down at their phones rather than paying attention to where they were going. Cars don’t tend to drive themselves that well when the driver is distracted, and Pokemon Go was a huge distraction.

The franchise is still extremely popular despite this setback, but thankfully Pokemon Go kind of up and went by the wayside and the franchise returned to games, cards, and other merchandise that wasn’t bound to cause any accidental deaths or property damage. Since that time Pokemon has been on the rise again and has come to be dominant in the realm of pop culture once more. To say that it’s popularity ever declined that much might be a stretch, but the franchise has had its share of ups and downs. Like many shows however it’s continued to soldier on and is doing very well right now as a matter of fact. There might come a day when a current generation no longer has any use for Pokemon but it’s definitely not this day.

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